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About was acquired by Dodo Media BV in 2021. Dodo Media B.V. is Amsterdam-based technology company with chamber of commerce number 72282983. We are a team comprised of 3 very like minded individuals who strive towards perfection. They founded Jobboy in 2010 and have since put all of the focus into bringing Jobboy to life. They host a search engine for members to seek online work from online employers.

They are the guys that can establish the communication line between the employer and the employee with ease. GPT is a sophisticated online work search engine (WSE). Jobboy’s sole purpose is to maintain job listings posted by online employers for employees to find and apply to earn money.

Basic Information

SomeImportant Details
Min PayoutN/A
Platform CategoryOnline Survey
Support  8am – 8pm (GMT) Monday – Friday
Accepted countriesAll
Website UrlHomepage

How To Sign Up & Start Earning From

Visit Website

First Step To Visit GPT Website. Find Sign Up Or Join Button To Participate In GPT Program.

Sign Up

Once You Visited At GPT Website Click On Sign Up Button To Join company Fill Necessary Details Like – Your Email, Your Name, Password, And All Details Which Are Required By Website.

Confirm Your Email GPT May Be Required To Confirm Your Email. You, Will, Get Confirmation Link Or Code To Your Register Email. Just Open Your Email & Click On Confirmation Link To Verified Your Email. Once Verification Done You Are Ready To Earn

Login To Your Account

Login To Your GPT Account & Find Task, Offers , Start Completing Task Which Provides By And Earn That It

Earn Money Online

With the rise of internet-based businesses, the question of “how to make money online” is increasing day by day and has become a daily question among employees seeking the freedom to work from anywhere. Recently, high demand for virtual workers has urged millions to join the online workforce. Among these jobs, a new trend of “micro jobs” has emerged, such as signing up for websites, downloading and reviewing apps, filling out forms, approving content. Jobboy is one of the leading platforms to earn money by doing easy jobs online due to its easy accessibility and use by millions of people from all over the world.

How Does Jobboy Works?

You can be either an Employer or a Worker. As an Employer you can create campaigns (jobs), that Workers will complete and submit proofs, so you can confirm they’ve done it. As a Worker you can complete jobs and submit your proofs of job done, and make money!

Accept A Job

Make sure you have always a success rate higher than 25%. This success rate requirement will only start counting when you do more than 4 campaigns. This is to prevent bad workers from submitting bad proofs.


Post your affiliate link on blogs, websites, forums, social media or anywhere you like – Refer new members (Freelancers & Business Owner) and earn commission revenue!

Affilate System

When you become a member of Jobboy, you will see a reference link of your own on this page. You can share this reference link in various places. When an employee or employer who is a member of Jobboy with this referral link makes a deposit or completes a job, makes earn you a commission of 5% of the transaction amount for each transaction.

Work and Earn OR offer an online job


Get likes, followers & reach to more people!

Download & Install

Get your software downloaded and installed by thousands of employees!

Vote & Rate

Get Votes or Ratings for yourself in a competition or a page!

Search & Click

Get your keywords searched and links clicked for fast SEO!


Get tweets, retweets, likes about your product/service. Gain real followers!


get your site searched & clicked on google services including google search & map!



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