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Zeropark.com Advertisement Platform Review: It Is Safe

About Zeropark.com

Zeropark.com is an advertising network specializing in push, pop and domain traffic. It provides advertisers access to more than 15 billion visits monthly. Zeropark’s real-time-bidding platform gives advertisers the ability to easily manage their campaigns through a simple-to-use UI. It’s advanced targeting functionality allows advertisers to select the type of traffic they prefer; from mobile and desktop to OS and device types.

Company NameZeropark.com
Min Deposit$200
Payment MethodBank, Payoneer, Skrill, WebMoney, Paxum
Company TypeAdvertisement Network
Cost ModelCPC, CPV
Payment AcceptPayPal, Credit Card, Wire
Top VerticalMobile App, Dating, E-Commerce, Desktop Download, Leadgen
Website UrlClick Here To Visit Company Official Website

Why Choose Zeropark as Your Traffic Source?

From the fastest campaign approval to automatic campaign optimization, Zeropark traffic source has the tools to make your campaigns highly profitable

Antifraud Solutions

Their ad network offers manual and automatic bot filtering.

Fastest Campaign Approval

Zeropark performance traffic network has a dedicated team for approving your campaigns

Robust Targeting Options

Zeropark.com traffic source provides possibility to target by geos, keywords, devices, carriers, OS versions and more

Multiple Creatives in Push Ads

With Zeropark ad exchange you can A/B test your Push Ads creatives by distributing traffic among up to five ad variants.

Key Features

Fast Campaign Approval

Zeropark has a dedicated team for fast campaign approval, so you can start profiting from your ads in no time at all.

Robust Targeting Options

Target your audience by geo, device type, connection type, browser version, OS version, mobile carrier or keywords.

Advanced Anti-Fraud Solutions

They leverage third-party and inhouse solutions for automatic Zeropark.com bot prevention as well as Compliance team for manual filtering.

Rule-Based Optimization

Automate the optimization with a set of if/then rules, so your campaign immediately adjusts itself when your criteria are met.

Bespoke Account Management

Zeropark’s Account Management and Customer Support teams are here to help you get the most out of your campaigns.

Variety of Campaign Types

Approach your audience with Run-of-Network, Multi-Geo, Target/Source or Keyword-targeted campaigns.

Diverse Traffic Inventory

Select between 4 different traffic types for your campaigns: Pre-Selected, Premium, Standard and Remnant.


Push Ads are delivered directly to users’ desktop or Android mobile Zeropark.com devices in the form of a push notification or, in case of In-Page Push Ads, displayed on websites browsed on any device (iOS included). You can use up to 10 sets of creatives (image/copy/description) per campaign and evenly distribute the traffic among them.


Pops are a full-screen ad format triggered by websites. They appear as a new window (desktop) or tab (mobile) on top of the currently viewed tab or in the background.


Domain Redirects come from users typing in unused, “parked” domain names in the address bar of a browser. Such users are redirected to your full-screen ad – either a landing page or an offer. Cost model: CPV Available Monthly Volume: 1 Billion Impressions Hottest Verticals: Leadgen, Mobile Apps

Who can make money with Zeropark?

  • Webmasters / site owners
  • Ad networks
  • Toolbar and plugin owners
  • Domainers

Why us?

High Coverage

With 97% direct advertiser coverage, we don’t use low performing catch-all backfill solutions. They work with direct advertisers only.


Their bidding model rewards publishers delivering high quality traffic. Publishers that do will see their CPMs increase rapidly.

Best Publisher

Gain more insight into your traffic as you dig through the data displayed in one of the best publisher UIs in the industry.


Zeropark is fully RTB compatible, offering publishers integration through XML protocol or OpenRTB 2.5.


the purchaser of the Advertising space and time on the Internet for advertising purposes via Zeropark Platform. These Advertiser Terms and Conditions govern your purchasing of the Advertising space and time on the Internet for advertising purposes through the Zeropark Platform, a product owned and operated by Zeropark (Zeropark’s Services). The integral part of these Terms and Conditions is Zeropark Data Protection Agreement (https://zeropark.com/dpa/) and End User Privacy Policy (https://zeropark.com/end-user-privacy-policy/). Our information clause regarding processing of your personal data is available in the Privacy Policy (https://zeropark.com/privacy-policy/). 

Please notify that these Terms and Conditions do not govern the relationship between Zeropark and the Publishers – the website owners or operators interested in providing Advertising Space on the Internet for advertising purposes. Such relation shall be subject to a separate agreement (https://zeropark.com/publisher-terms-and-conditions/) .

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