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Yandex.com GPT Website: Get Paid For Completing Task

About Yandex.com GPT

Yandex.com GPT .Toloka is a service where you can complete tasks to earn money. Complete tasks in the web version or using the mobile app for Android and iOS. Yandex.Toloka is a service where you can complete a task and get money for it. There are different types of tasks:

  • Field tasks. You get a point on the map to go to and complete a task. For instance, you may need to find a business like a cafe or store, check the business hours, and take a photo.
  • Regular tasks. You don’t need to go anywhere to complete them.

Completed tasks are checked by the requester. The results are used to evaluate your skills. The prices are set by requesters. You can withdraw funds in different ways, depending on your country. Discuss any questions with Toloka requesters and users in the forum.To receive recent news from Toloka, subscribe to the Telegram channel.

Basic Information

SomeImportant Details
Platform NameYandex.com GPT
Download Android
Platform CategoryOnline Survey
Withdraw Payment AcceptYandex.Money, PayPal, Payoneer or Skrill
Accepted countriesAll
Website Urlhttps://toloka.yandex.com/

How To Sign Up & Start Earning From Yandex.com GPT

Visit Website

First Step To Visit Yandex.com GPT Website. Find Sign Up Or Join Button To Participate In Yandex Program.

Sign Up

Once You Visited At Yandex Website Click On Sign Up Button To Join company Fill Necessary Details Like – Your Email, Your Name, Password, And All Details Which Are Required By Yandex Website.

Confirm Your Email

Yandex.com GPT May Be Required To Confirm Your Email. You, Will, Get Confirmation Link Or Code To Your Register Email. Just Open Your Email & Click On Confirmation Link To Verified Your Email. Once Verification Done You Are Ready To Earn

Login To Your Account

Login To Your Yandex.com GPT Account & Find Task, Offers , Start Completing Task Which Provides By And Earn That It

Get rewarded for doing basic tasks on the internet

Yandex.Toloka gives you the opportunity to make money online by performing simple tasks that computers cannot do, like analyzing and rating various web content. For example, you check that a site matches a search query, compare images or help categorize products. Working with Yandex.Toloka is simple — just choose a task, complete it, and get rewarded. All you need is either a computer or a mobile device with internet access and some free time.

What sort of tasks can I do?

User Interfaces

Side-by-side comparison of pictures, webpages, search results or user interfaces Decide which option is best, and point out the similarities and differences between two pictures.


Evaluation of a webpage, image or video related to a search queryExamine a search query and its responses and determine how relevant it is to users..

Field surveys

Check in person whether or not a particular organization is closed or has changed its office hours. Play the role of mystery shopper and leave reviews for stores or cafes.

Internet information

Internet information search Find the official website of an organization, add missing details to a product page or collect pictures for a particular topic.

How do I get started?

  1. Register a Yandex.Toloka account for free, which takes less than five minutes
  2. Choose any tasks on offer through the web version or mobile app
  3. Read the instructions and complete the assignment
  4. Earn money for your Yandex.Toloka account

How do I withdraw money?

Withdraw the money you have earned through your Yandex.Money, PayPal, Payoneer or Skrill account, as well as to your mobile phone (for Russia only). Learn how to do this in the Yandex.Toloka help section.

Completing a task

  1. Choose a task on the Yandex.Toloka main page.
  2. Read the instructions carefully to avoid mistakes. If you make too many mistakes, you might lose access to the tasks.
  3. Click the Start button.
  4. Answer the questions and click Submit.You will be redirected to a page with the next task. Complete it or return to the list of tasks (the Exit button).

Money withdrawal

To withdraw funds from your Toloka account:

  1. Go to the My money tab in your profile.
  2. Add a PayPal or Skrill wallet, or link a Payoneer account. You can add only one account of each type.
  3. Send a fund withdrawal request by tapping the Withdraw money button.

The withdrawal can take up to 30 days (from sending a request to the arrival of funds to the account). Check the operation status in the Actions history section.

Hosting Details

Given URL:https://toloka.yandex.com/
Hosting:AS13238 YANDEX LLC
Server IP:
Name Servers:,
Creation Date
Expiration Date
Updation Date

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