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Waiverforever Affiliate Program Review : Earn Up To $5 Per Free Trial Signup, $50 USD Per Paid Subscriber.

About Waiverforever Affiliate Program

Waiverforever Affiliate Program is refer a customer to start a free WaiverForever trial, and you’ll receive $5. When your free trial signup subscribes to any paid WaiverForever plan, you’ll receive $50. The affiliates and publishers are incredibly important to us. They approach all affiliates with respect and want to build a lasting relationship that is beneficial for everyone involved. WaiverForever.com is the best online waiver solution for your business. They support the customize documents tailored to your business’s needs, including agreements, waivers and indemnity forms. You could turn your smartphones and tablets into waiver signing stations and signed document will automatically saved in your online account securely, forever. Also they provide the intelligent searching to easily find any signed waivers or customers information.

Basic Information Waiverforever Affiliate Program

Affiliate BasicDetails
Product NameWaiverforever Affiliate Program
Commission Type$5 per free trial signup, $50 USD per paid subscriber
Affiliate CategoryAffiliate Program
Payment MethodCheck, ACH (Direct Deposit)
Minimum Payment $50
Official Affiliate WebsiteClick Here To Visit Official Website


Easy to Get Started

Waiverforever Just simple and straightforward sharing the affiliate link to your blog, article, social media account, forum or email. No other skills required.

You’ll Actually Want to Recommend

WaiverForever is the best online waiver solution for your business. They support the customize documents tailored to your business’s needs, including agreements, waivers and indemnity forms. They have customers from all kinds of industries. Check here for their success stories.

Key program details

High Default Commission Rate: Up to $55 Long Cookie Duration: 90 days Keywords: the listed PPC keywords are prohibited Dedicated Support: The support team is always here to help.

High Commission

The Affiliate Program is free and easy to join. Follow the link above and you can start earning in just a few clicks.

How It Work?

Sign Up

Waiverforever fill out an online application and pass the brief review and approval process.

Implement Creatives

Add the banners and links to your site or simply share the affiliate link.

Get Paid

Earn $50 USD If a lead becomes a paying subscriber world-wide.

Why Choose Us?

Sign on mobile device

Waiverforever can set up iOS, Android, or Amazon smartphones and tablets as kiosks, or simply hand the devices over for customers to sign. The mobile applications function with or without an active internet connection. The app syncs all captured waivers to the cloud as soon as you are back online.

Sign on computer browsers

You can also put the waiver link on your website, or provide the link to customers in an email. Your customers can then open the link in any modern browser and sign with a keyboard and a mouse.

Request waivers directly from groups

WaiverForever can also request waivers directly from customers. Simply specify how many people are in a group and their email addresses and WaiverForever will generate a special link to keep track of how many have signed. This is a great way to handle group reservations remotely.

Simplified signing process

Waiverforever Simplify and speed up your daily signing process by dividing each complex form into small individual parts. Customers can save time and effort filling out your forms on any device, no matter what the screen size.

Data Validation and Analysis

The platform provides data validation features and analysis from signed forms, including stats, registration volume, demographics, and customer behaviors.

Powerful workflow and distribution channels

Waiverforever provide the easiest workflow for creating professional-looking contracts, invoices for payments, registration forms, or prepare an inspection reports. Share, store, print, download, and edit PDFs online.


Request & Assign Forms

Quickly request or assign forms for personal or business need simply by sending a link from the platform. They help you to gather, manage, and analyze your submissions on any device.

Set an expiry date

Waiverforever could add an expiry date and time to your request to make sure your form is completed in a valid time range. Customers will notice the deadline and finish the request on time.

Manage access rights and team member permissions

Different team users can view or edit the submissions differently according to the access permissions you allocate. As the admin user, you can set up the access control at any time.

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