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Voluum DSP Advertisement Platform Review : Run CPM Native Ads on 20+ Networks From One Platform

About Voluum DSP Advertisement Platform

Voluum DSP Advertisement Platform to the Voluum DSP: your go-to place that ties 30 of the top ad exchanges into one, easy to use platform that delivers the most tailored traffic directly to your campaigns. Built on Voluum Tracker infrastructure, Voluum DSP brings your performance marketing experience to a whole new level Voluum DSP is integrated with more than 25 top native and display supply-side platforms and mobile ad exchanges. The native ad platform offers global traffic for both performance-oriented and brand-awareness campaigns.

Voluum DSP offers a variety of exclusive native ad formats, including email traffic and classic in-feed units. Advertisers can access 200.000+ websites and 40.000+ apps with 100.000 ad impressions available per second.

Some Important Basic Information

Company NameClickAdilla Advertisement Platform
Cost ModelCPM
Payment Frequencyweekly
Company TypeAdvertisement Network
Commission TypeCPM, PPL, RevShare
Payment MethodUS, UK, RU, DE, FR, IT
Minimum Deposit$50
Website UrlClick Here To Visit Company Official Website

How’s Voluum DSP Different from Other DSPs and Ad Networks?

Programmatic advertising buying through Voluum DSP focuses primarily on the following ideas:

  • Fast Campaign Approval
  • Diversified Traffic
  • Efficient CPM Model

Fast Campaign Approval

In Voluum DSP, we handle ad approval in-house 7 days a week. We can often approve campaigns quicker than our competitors. We have compliance agreements with networks so they don’t need to approve our campaigns on their end. And, our in-house compliance team is responsible for ensuring that your ad is following their guidelines.


The idea is to offer a scalable traffic in all top-performing native formats: email, sponsored, in-feed, in-widget, and in-banner from all over the world. Detailed information on our Supply Partners can be found in the following paragraph.

One thing to remember is that the traffic is not 100% the same. In Voluum DSP Advertisement Platform Voluum DSP, you can buy some widgets that would not be available directly using Ad Networks. The truth is – it also works vice versa – some widgets may not be available to buy programmatically through DSPs.

Efficient CPM Model

We buy on CPM model. This way networks can sell us the inventory with lower costs, rather than selling at CPC and not monetize at the impression level. It’s a good deal for them because we can take the fall for paying without performance. 

Our focus is to help you achieve optimal CTR so that you can translate CPM bids + high CTR to cheaper CPC than you would get by buying directly.

In Voluum DSP, we focus on how your campaigns perform and are optimized more than CPC networks might because we focus on the end-to-end campaign performance at the impression level.

All You Need to Boost Your Native Advertising

Free Built-in Tracker

Quickly access cross-group reports. Analyze data for multiple selected dimensions.

Full Transparency

Have full insight into the traffic you buy: site domains / widget IDs / application names and the approval process.


Set your desired optimization goal for iCTR, CPV, CPC, or CPA — and let the algorithm achieve it for you.

Content Targeting

Reach your target audience and increase your CTR with technology that matches your ads to relevant sites.

24/7 Campaign Approval

Campaign approval in less than 5h to speed up your ad delivery. Receive full information about the approval process.

PMP Deals

Access private marketplace deals and benefit from high-quality and precisely targeted placements.

Voluum DSP Ad Platform Key Features

Get access to powerful solutions that make the media buying process effortless


Set your iCTR, CPV, CPC, or CPA goal and let the machine learning algorithm optimize campaigns for you.

Content Targeting

Targeting that allows you to promote your ad on sites Voluum DSP Advertisement Platform related to specific topics, powered by deep learning capabilities.

24/7 Campaign Approval

Fast campaign approval done in less than 5h. Available 24/7. Full information available on the approval process.

Global Reach

7 billion ad requests daily, traffic from over 200 countries. All inventory types available: Desktop, Mobile In-App & Web, Tablet.

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