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Traffic Factory Advertising Platform Review : Most Advanced Self-Serve RTB Platform with 6 Billion Impressions Daily

About Traffic Factory Advertising Platform

Traffic Factory Advertising Platform is a self-service RTB advertising platform. We serve over 6 billion daily worldwide impressions with the highest quality traffic in the industry. You can run CPM or CPC campaigns, and set many options and filters to fit your needs. Traffic Factory is the pioneer of RTB and monetization for different audiences. Through the combination of a market-leading publisher network and an added emphasis of premium value. TrafficFactory is a global provider of high-quality traffic. We provide an RTB platform (Real Time Bidding) by which online advertising space is bought and sold on a per-impression basis.

Real-time bidding (RTB) is a means by which advertising space is bought and sold on a per-impression basis, via programmatic auction, similar to financial markets. A user visits a website, a bid request in generated, the bid request in distributed to the advertisers who bid in real-time, the winning bid has their creative shown to the user.

Some Important Basic Information

Company NameEarnify Advertisement Platform
Cost ModelCPC, CPM
Ad FormatBanner, Popunder, Video
Company TypeAdvertisement Network
Minimum Deposit$150
Daily Impression6 billion
Top GeoBR, FR, DE, JP, IN
Top VerticalAdult
Website UrlClick Here To Visit Company Official Website

How Does a CPM Campaign Work?

CPM stands for “Cost Per Mille” meaning that advertisers pay a set price for a thousand impressions of their advertisement. To compete with other bidding models, an eCPM value is calculated. For CPM models, the eCPM is the value of the advertisers bid. This model will show you fast results, statistics, and a clear evolution just a few minutes after the campaign’s activation. Greater focus on bid structure is needed to achieve a higher market share. High quality banners are required to drive use interest and traffic to the promotion.

How Does a CPC Campaign Work?

A CPC stands for “Cost per Click” meaning advertisers pay a set amount for each click of there creative.This model requires less management as you will only pay for a click. To compete with other bidding models, an eCPM value is calculated. For CPC models, the eCPM is calculated through two factors – bid amount and CTR of the creatives used. This eCPM value is determined after a short period of time.Your budget is under control as long as you pay attention to your CTR! It is to be noted that use of precise and target orientated creatives must be used in order to avoid a too high CTR.

The Premium ad Network Specialized in high Quality Traffic

Traffic Factory is the pioneer of RTB and monetization for different audiences. Through the combination of a market-leading publisher network and an added emphasis of premium value.

Ad Network Agency

We are an “ad network agency” that acts as an intermediary between the advertising and publishing worlds.

6 Billion Daily Impressions

Our ad network boasts 6 billion daily impressions across the world on desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Exclusive & Non-Exclusive Publishers

Our experience and reputation has allowed our publisher network to grow. With a selection of both Exclusive and Non-Exclusive publishers, we are proud to assist market-leaders with the management of their digital advertising inventories.

International Team

Our Account Managers speak 11 languages and are located across the world in order to serve our clients in their time zone.

Offers Available in all Countries

Our advertiser database counts the biggest players in the industry and a variety of offers available in all countries across the globe.

What They offer

High Quality Traffic

We pride ourselves in having gained the confidence and trust of market-leading publishers allowing the highest quality of traffic possible across our network.

Targeting Options

We are an industry leader in creating, maintaining, and upgrading our targeting filters and tracking capabilities. Target via Category, Country, Device and Geo-Fencing.

Personalized Help

Our team of Account Managers and Support are spread across the world to assist our growing clientele in their language and timezone.

Variety of Ad Spots

A variety of ad spots are available covering the different devices able to target. Standard banner creatives as well as selected video creatives complete the Traffic Factory inventory.

How Does Reimpression Work?

The reimpression tool option allows you to continue an ad campaign once it has achieved its aim or if you wish to continue it for longer.

The re-impression system for CPC campaigns is automatically set as creatives will continue to be printed until the campaign budget has been reached.

The re-impression system for CPM campaigns allows you to increase the volume of traffic at a preferential price. By default, a CPM campaign will receive 1 impression per campaign, per unique user and per session (default session / frequency cap is 8H). Then with our re-impression system, you can decide to re-display your campaign at a lower price.

You can control the volume of re-impressions and prices. Your CPM campaigns are re-displayed with or without limitation (upon your selection) and are ranked based on your CPM.

Why Us

  • 10 years experience providing an extensive and wide ranging network
  • 6 billion daily impressions & 200 million daily visitors.
  • Comprehensive targeting technology
  • A sophisticated yet user-friendly R.T.B Platform
  • Premium and market-leading Publisher Network
  • Optimum ad placements across a multitude of devices and bidding models
  • Dedicated and multi-lingual support Account Managers
  • Free Training and Resources

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