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Toluna Survey Review – Great Rewards Come With Great Rewards

About Toluna Survey

Toluna Survey is an online community that believes it is important that your voice is heard! Let the world’s largest provider of products and services know what you think of them and earn rewards by taking surveys. Your opinion has a direct impact on companies and how they market and promote their products and services to consumers like you. You can also let us know what you think using polls and opinions that you can create directly on Toluna! 

Let others know what you think and find out if they agree with you. Toluna can also add the polls and opinions you create on Toluna to your own personal blog or website. All services that the site offers are free, and by participating in many of the activities on Toluna you can earn points. Toluna is part of the Toluna Group. 

Basic Information

SomeImportant Details
Platform NameToluna Survey
Min Payout5 €
Average referral rate1%
Platform CategoryOnline Survey
Payment AcceptAir asia, Gift voucher, Paypal
Accepted countriesAll
Website Urlhttps://nlbe.toluna.com/#/

How does Toluna use the data they collect? 

Toluna Survey ask for personal information such as name, address, sex, date of birth, and the professional situation in order to better match you with the appropriate market research projects. This information is also used for reward purposes so that it ends up at the correct recipient address. Other personal information they may ask you for is only for the purposes of building a worldwide proprietary database of panelists on which to base reliable market research.

Toluna only provides information to clients in an anonymized and aggregated form for use in market research and the client’s own internal purposes. Toluna does not use Direct Marketing and will never share your data with telemarketers or advertising agencies for promotional or targeted marketing purposes. If you have any questions about your data, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

What is a survey?

The surveys come from clients, and these are mainly market research agencies, large companies, brands, public organizations, PR agencies and even individuals. Typically, it takes between 15 and 20 minutes to complete the surveys and questionnaires, and the reward depends on the length of the survey. The purpose of our surveys is to gather opinions on various topics such as: products services, media, society, lifestyle, politics etc. Each survey starts with a few questions, based on which it is determined whether you belong to the demographic target group of the study belongs. Sometimes they can determine whether someone is qualified within a few questions, other times more questions are needed.

Toluna’s profiling process is ongoing. The questions we ask at the beginning of each survey can be seen as repetitive, but are necessary to establish the integrity of the survey. If you are not qualified for a survey, your answers cannot be used in the survey results and can therefore never be sent to clients. Nor will Toluna use these answers for internal purposes. You can view these surveys on Toluna or by email invitation. Remember that if you complete your profile surveys on Toluna, you are more likely to be selected for certain surveys.

DuWhat are Polls, Thumbs it and Battles?

Create a Poll to ask a question with multiple predetermined answers, from which other members can make one or more selections. As members answer the Poll, statistics and infographics are updated in real-time. This is a great way to get quick answers to your pressing questions. Can’t choose from two options? Create a Battle to compare two different things and let the community make a choice. Or if you can’t decide on something, create a Thumb It and let other members give it a thumbs up or down on the topic.

What are Rewards?

Toluna offers Jubilee Rewards for the time you take to voice your opinion. You will receive rewards in the form of points that you can redeem for all sorts of great things, from prize draw tickets to win new gadgets or vacations, coupons to a variety of stores, including Bol.com, or even cash! You can also earn points by doing simple things, such as by signing up and completing your profile surveys. Once you have built up a balance, you can decide which rewards you choose and when you want to receive them

Your personal opinion can become the inspiration others need.

What if you had the power to give your friends and family the products and services they deserve? You can do that with us!

Let us help you get your ideas right.

You are not satisfied with your mobile data plan or maybe your daily coffee is only half full every day? Don’t just tell your friends; tell the companies, tell the other consumers, tell everyone.

Great rewards come with great rewards.

Answer surveys, participate in the community and participate in the daily lotteries. Earn points that can be exchanged for a reward of your choice (PayPal payments, Bol.com coupons and more). The more you participate, the more you earn.

Hosting Detail

Given URL:https://nlbe.toluna.com/
Server IP:
Name Servers:,
Creation Date
Expiration Date
Updation Date


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