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Teaserfast.ru Advertisement Platform Review: It Is Safe?

About Teaserfast.ru

This is an internet site in russian. It pays for viewing ads in your browser. you would like to put in an add-on on your browser, available on Chrome, Yandex, Firefox and Opera (don’t realize Chromium and Brave but i feel it might work on them).

The add-on displays ads in your browser of choice sort of a pop-up or “teaser” ad. you do not got to do anything, just wait like 3-5 sec for a billboard then click the “X”. you’ll earn from 0,1 to 0,03 rublos per ad, counting on what ad is displayed. Some ads require to finish a captcha to ascertain that you are not inactive. The website is online since 26 jun of 2018. However, I just joined, didn’t know before about this site.

Teaserfast.ru MediaOverview
Company NameTeaserfast.ru
Minimum Payout0 RUB
Payment ModeCryptocurrency Wallet, Payza, PerfectMoney
Company TypeAdvertisement Network
Languageinternational, english, french, german, spanish, portugese, italian, russian, arabic
Accepted countriesAll
Payment withinno idea
Website UrlClick Here To Visit Company Official Website

How to add ads?

Follow the links “Advertising” -> “Add Campaign”;
2. Choose your preferred type of advertising campaign;
3. Fill in all the required fields;
4. Configure the display of advertising;
5. Click the “Add” button;
6. After replenishment of the balance, the advertisement will start automatically, or will be sent for moderation.


TeaserFast.ru – provides advertising services, as well as the possibility of forming an additional source of income. Below is a complete list of our services:

– teaser advertising;

– POPUP advertising;

– Placement of banners.

TeaserFast.ru does not provide services other than those listed above.

Order of payment for services and delivery

All services on TeaserFast.ru are paid by replenishing the balance of the “Advertising account” through the proposed payment systems. All services are paid and delivered instantly, automatically. All services are described in detail and have unambiguous names. The buyer must understand the meaning of their actions. When paying for any services on our service, and then refusing to use them, money is not returned. In case of any failures in payment and / or delivery of services, please contact our technical support service.

How long does an ad check?

Advertising verification may take from 1 minute to 24 hours. Verification takes place in order of priority. You should not write to the Administration asking you to check your advertising, such appeals will not speed up the verification process.

Why do we need two accounts, main and advertising?

The main account is used to earn and withdraw funds.
Advertising account is designed to pay for advertising.

All funds that you earn in the system are credited to your G / L account and are available for withdrawal from the system.
Also (optional) earned funds can be transferred to the Advertising account. It is impossible to transfer funds from your account to the accounts of other users of the system.

Your browser ads for users

TeaserFast.ru – a tool for finding customers in any business field: subscribers, referrals, buyers, investors, players, partners.

Why do customers choose us?

Audience selection

An expanded system of selecting the target audience will make your advertising more effective.

Work with Adblock

All users will see your ad, despite the ad blocker installed in their browser.

Advertising setup

With the help of various parameters and filters you can control the intensity of the advertising display.

No bots

Intelligent security system ensures that your ads are viewed only by real people.

User friendly interface

An intuitive interface allows you to instantly start advertising.

Detailed statistics

A complete analysis of the advertising campaign allows you to control and increase the effectiveness of advertising.

Teaserfast.ru Hosting Detail

Given URL:https://teaserfast.ru/
Hosting:AS44066 First Colo GmbH
Server IP:
Name Servers:dns1.yandex.net , dns2.yandex.net
Creation Date2018-05-07 08:40:14
Expiration Date2021-05-07 08:40:14
Updation Date

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