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Targeleon.com Advertisement Platform Review: It Is Safe

About Targeleon.com

Targeleon.com is an Ad network with its own platform which was founded in 2014 . We are working on CPA and CPC model. Our bank of offers counts more than 300 offers in various verticals. Advertisers can run their campaigns on our Self-Serve platform with the following Ad formats: Push, Native, In-Page, Pop, Calendar. We are looking for DSP / SSP partners to integrate via JSON / OpenRTB / XML.

Targeleon.com is a Performance Based Mobile and Desktop Affiliate Ad Network. We help you to monetize your Mobile & Desktop, Adult & Non-adult traffic in the most efficient way and earn more in comparison to other platforms on the current market. Quick sign up and campaigns set up. Start monetizing your traffic right now!

Company NameTargeleon.com
Min PayoutNo Minimum, $500 for Wire
Payment FrequencyWeekly
Company TypeAdvertisement Network
Commission TypeCPA, CPL, CPI
Payment AcceptPayPal, Wire, WebMoney, EPESE
Referral Commission10%
Tracking SoftwareIn-house proprietary platform
Website UrlClick Here To Visit Company Official Website

Easy steps to start your campaign

Register on the platform and create your campaign with creatives. The minimum deposit required to start your campaign is just 50$.

Targeting options

Looking for efficient, targeted results from purchased traffic? Targeting options: –

GEO targeting (country, region, city)

Device type (Desktop or mobile)

Operational system and OS version

Browsers and browser versions

Frequency cap

Сutting edge scheduling

Direct Publishers

Targeleon.com deliver premium converting traffic from carefully selected, well-established, and approved sources, providing great results across the entire advertising platform. Using the optimized rotator, they connect advertisers with compatible, high-quality partners, making it easy to succeed with your advertising campaign.

Tools & advantages for advertisers

Self-served platform

Create your campaign and adjust any targeting options you wish. Choose your ad format. Once you have added creatives and funds on campaign balance you can start receiving high-quality traffic.


XML / JSON / OpenRTB types of integration are available for Ad networks to purchase the own in-house traffic in the following ad formats: Push, Native, In-Page, Pop, Calendar.

Bonus program

Subscribe to the telegram channel: https://t.me/targeleonaff To find out about updates on our platform and special bonus programs they run!

Push notifications

Push notifications are messages with text and image, that are “pushed” to the desktop or mobile device of users.

Benefits of Push notifications on our platform:

– Large volumes of high-quality traffic.

– Notifications arrive even if the browser is not used.

– Worldwide traffic from more than 200 countries.

– Motivated traffic, because it includes title, description, icon, and image.

Native Ads

Native ads are a type of advertisement that match the content of the site.

What is special about Native ads? –

Targeleon.com don’t disturb the user on the website while he is surfing.

– Native ads match the form and function of the adverts on the website they appear on.

– Native ads are available on any device, OS, and browser where they appear on.

– This type of ad easily passes through the most of the AdBlock programs.

In-page Push

In-page is a special type of traffic, that looks like classical Push notification, but display only when the user is online on the site. In-page is be the best solution for the advertiser to outcompete Push format because it has several advantages.

What is the difference? –

The most important difference:

Targeleon.com type of ad doesn’t require the collection of subscriptions, so they only appear when the user is online.

– Higher CTR compared to traditional Push.

– The large volume of high-quality traffic with web-sites in different verticals.

– Worldwide traffic.

Calendar notifications

Calendar notifications is an alternative ad format that is supported on all the iOS devices: iPhone, iPad and even Apple Watch!

What’s new in this ad format? –

Targeleon.com Specific targeting of iOS users on all devices that have calendar app. – Different audience to any other ad format. Valued users will receive your ad. – More space for your title and description compared to other ad formats – Higher conversion rate, because ads are sent to standard iOS app.

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