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SRG Ico Review : International Loyalty Program in The World of Online Games.

About SRG 

SRG is decentralized loyalty program for online applications built on blockchain technology. will provide an opportunity for game developers to develop an internal gaming community, and also to support the motivation of their players. main mission is to increase the target base for online applications and keep the client network through a properly built loyalty program based on an effective business model.

Basic Information

Token Name SRG
Token Symbol SRG
Social Media SRG ICO Review : Provide An Opportunity For Game Developers SRG ICO Review : Provide An Opportunity For Game Developers
Platform Ethereum
Token Price 2 USD
Token for sale 20,000,000 SRG
Country Russia
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage

How does the ICO work

All investors will receive SRG tokens to their wallets right after the ICO, the tokens will also be displayed on crypto-exchanges and they can be bought or sold.

Market analysis

On average, 750 games are added every day in the App Store and Google Play. The vast majority of them receive no attention from players. Only the games of major developers and a few lucky ones are in the top for several months or sometimes even years. There is no secret here: large developers, with their large advertising budgets, are squeeze out small projects. But there is another, less expensive method so-called viral advertising. There are many examples of viral advertising, one of the most famous is the game Angry Birds.


The SRG Community is the first decentralized intra-gaming platform based on the principle of a loyalty program and a referral system using the Ethereum smart contract. The project is an application that will be integrated with both PC and mobile games. task is to unite a target stream of players by connecting small gaming communities. In this system,players who have become project partners will be able to earn money on referral programs, developing their own business within the game space.

Discount/Bonuses timetable and current situation.

2 weeks (Presale) – 25% token bonus;
1-7 day – 20% token bonus;
2 week – 10% token bonus;
3 week – 5% token bonus;
4 week – 0% token bonus;


SRG Community creates an internal ecosystem with tools for promotion and the possibility of quest training for project partners (referrer). form a target group of users, based on the principle of viral marketing. Thus, game developers will be able to save and more effectively spend funds allocated for advertising and invest the majority of the funds in improving the game itself. are interested in creation a full fledged social system, where all referrals are interconnected. Thus, will be able to build a complete motivation system.



The SRG Community will transfer USD 50 of the company’s net profit for the purchase of ether. It will be sent to pay the token holders using the Ethereum smart contract. The dividend distribution date will be announced in advance on the SRG Community website. To receive their share of dividends, the token holders must store them in ERC20 compatible wallets that support dividend payment. A list of such wallets, in addition to the basic charging wallet, will be announced on the SRG Community website.

Payment of dividends and exchange

At the moment, the exchanges do not support the correct accrual of token dividends, so at the time of dividend calculation, the tokens must be in your personal wallet. The SRG Community is currently negotiating with the largest exchanges about the introduction of the functionality for receiving dividends and notify customers as soon as this opportunity is available at any of the exchanges. This permits fixing the current distribution of tokens among token holders at the time of the selected block.

Advantages for players

By becoming a partner of the SRG Community, the player has the opportunity to build his or her own business based on the loyalty program. The motivation system will enable the creation of a deep client network and give the partner a high level of income. At the same time, the partner will have all the tool for efectively promoting the referral link and building a referral network. This is really the first real opportunity to play a game and run business at the same time.


Generation of targeted traffic. Since SRG is a point-based CPA network in the online gaming world, will be able to attract targeted players through referral programs, thus completely eliminating the possibility of bots or low-quality traffic appearing. Know that referrers are interested in acquiring income and additional reward that can only come from a targeted and high-quality flow of referrals. The commission is 30–50% of each player’s purchase, which will go to marketing and rewards for the token holders.


They do not claim that all players will cooperate with us, we believe that a conversion of at least 5% will be interesting to earn real money, since our target referrer will be users in the age group of 12-20 years. Typically at this age, young people are looking for opportunities to earn pocket money, and with help you can not just make pocket money, but also build a successful business.


Nikita Petrov CEO & FOUNDER


Not all the websites Whi listed in Top List are 100% safe to use or investment. We do not promote any of those. Due diligence is your own responsibility. You should never make an investment in an online program with money you aren’t prepared to lose. Make sure to research the website. So Please take care of your investments. and be on the safe site and avoid much losing online.

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