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SkipperX Advertising Platform Review : It Is Safe ?

About SkipperX Advertising Platform

SkipperX Advertising Platform is a Leading-edge prpgrammatic Ad Platform for adult verticals, trading native, popunder, push ads on CPM and CPC basis. SkipperX launched in 2020 as an ambitious startup, bringing together a team of top specialists and managers with vast experience in the programmatic advertising market. Digital advertising refers to any advertising that takes place online. Several channels are available for advertisers to place ads and includes tools to manage campaigns for each channel.

Each channel supports different types of digital media and placement options for catching the eyes of potential customers. Different channels also have varying metrics by which advertisers are charged. In short, advertisers have a lot to think about. To simplify it all, G2 Crowd has pulled together a breakdown of each digital channel to provide the background needed to implement a digital advertising strategy.

While this guide focuses specifically on the options advertisers have when entering the online advertising landscape, including the digital advertising software that might be best for your business, the space as a whole is much broader and includes other parties, such as website publishers.

Some Important Basic Information

Company NameSkipperX Advertisement Platform
Min Payout$100
Payment FrequencyNet-30
Company TypeAdvertisement Network
Commission TypeCPM, CPC
Payment MethodPayPal, Wire
Minimum Deposit$100
Website UrlClick Here To Visit Company Official Website

Benefits For Advertiser

High Volumes of Traffic

Serve 400 Million daily impression around world from our handreds’ sites.

Advanced Traffic Targeting

Support 10+ targeting features helping you find your audience. like interests, geo, device, carrier, users etc.

Various Adformats

Use different ad formats to reach your audience in different ways.

Real-Time Data Report

Track your campaign in every second, by using our performance report.

What are the Goals of this Guide?

Each of these 5 questions is answered for each advertising channel:

Why: Why is that channel important? What makes it unique and why should you consider it?

Where: are potential customers going to see these ads? On what kind of websites and where on the page are these campaigns located?

Formats: What are the different ad formats that a channel supports? What are they called and what are the specifications? What do these ads look like?

Pricing: How are ads on this channel priced? By which metrics are ads being charged (i.e. CPC, CPV, CPA)? What are the average prices for these ad formats?

Trends: What are practitioners and experts in the digital advertising space talking about with regard to each channel? What trends should you be aware of when considering advertising on a channel?

Continue to the guide below. At the end of which, readers should feel well-versed and confident with the advertiser side of digital advertising space.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising software helps companies advertise on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Social media advertising products allow advertisers to buy, manage, and place social ads to reach the wide-spanning audiences using these sites. Social media advertising is typically managed by a company’s marketing team or a third-party ad agency and can be leveraged to drive both brand awareness and direct response initiatives.

Social media advertising software makes it easy for businesses to tap into the massive audiences on social media sites. Social media advertising includes both first-party and third-party platforms. First-party platforms are those offered by the social media site directly, giving advertisers direct access to the sites’ ad offerings, and are typically used by small and mid-market businesses or those new to social media advertising.

Third-party platforms integrate with social networks and typically offer more streamlined workflows, better scalability, and access to more than one social network. Social media advertising functionality may be offered through a single best-of-breed product, or bundled into a cross-channel platform that may also possess capabilities for search, display, mobile, or video advertising.

To qualify for inclusion in the Social Media Advertising category, a product must:

Offer tools for uploading or creating social adsBe able to buy and serve social ads on at least one social media siteProvide workflows for effectively managing and trafficking ads within the platformTrack key success metrics reach, conversions, and ROAS

Benefits For Publisher

Competitive Payout

High demand from our advertisers, leading to your high fill rate and ecpm.

Easy Integration

Few lines of JS code or simply RTB integration.

Friendly Adformats

Kinds of friendly adformat keeping your sites in good experience.

Transparent Report

Kinds of friendly adformat keeping your sites in good experience.

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