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Serverion.com Hosting Review : It Is Good Or Bad Review 2021

Introduction Serverion.com

Serverion.com is a privately owned Dutch company was founded in 2015 and is an all-round hosting service provider that specializes in the modern elements of the hosting market. The no-nonsense culture that is present within ensures that many customers are extremely satisfied with the services and enter into a long-term cooperation.

Serverion people behind have individually more than 20 years of experience in the hosting market, which is generally quite unique. Because of these decades of experience, knows better than anyone how this industry has evolved over the years and can therefore advise and provide all customers with any type of hosting.

Serverion.com offers fully managed hosting environments. All well-known platforms such as Magento, Drupal, WordPress and others are fully supported.

Company Name Serverion.com
Starting Price$2.81 /mo
Money Back365 Days
Company TypeWeb Hosting
LocationUnited States, Spain, India, Canada
Website UrlClick Here To Visit Company Official Website

Creating an Account with  Serverion.com Web Hosting

  • Visit  Official Website
  • Click On Product Which You Want Purchase
  • Once You Selected Your Product Click On Select Button
  • Now You Redirect Domain Page Just Fill Domain Name And Process Next
  • Now Asking Some Account Information Just Fill All Necessary Data
  • Next Complete Your Payment
  • Now You Are Done

Found Some function and Features Of Serverion.com

Blockchain Masternode Servers

Serverion.com A is a computer running a digital wallet 24/7. Specific wallet settings and configurations must be set in order to turn an ordinary digital wallet into a . Once the is running, it powers the project’s network by processing transactions, mixing coins, and often offers voting rights.

Serverion help support the network by providing faster transaction times, anonymous transactions, and decentralized operations. Additionally, each project has an additional features to their particular masternode configuration.

Serverion.com As incentive for investing in the necessary amount of coins or tokens required for a , configuring, and setting up your , and hosting the , pay their owners in coin or token rewards, based upon their portion of ownership for each block completed on the block chain (less masternodes, higher reward per individual owner).

Serverion Oftentimes, owners are also given voting rights for development and management decisions for the cryptocurrency. The more are supporting a cryptocurrency, the faster, more stable, and more secure their network is.

Dedicated Servers

Serverion.com Secure, reliable servers and datacenter solutions. They understand that your business’ goals and requirements for data center storage are constantly changing as technology and customer demands evolve.

DDoS Protection

Serverion Prevent downtime and stop attacks as large as 4 Tbps. Rest assured that your service will be protected when you include the Ultimate DDoS Protection with your purchase. 24/7 staff monitors your server insuring the 99.9% uptime capability.

Virtual Private Servers

Serverion.com is offering Virtual Private Servers from only € 10,- a month. You have full root access to your own machine for any desired purpose, managed or unmanaged running Windows, BSD or Linux.

High Quality Services

Serverion works exclusively with high-quality equipment in order to be able to continue to guarantee the continuity of its services. A combination of expert staff with years of experience, flexible support and professional advice ensure a healthy collaboration.

Quality and Performance

Serverion.com For core infrastructure, utilize renowned brands like Juniper and Brocade. The use modular network equipment and choose strategic locations worldwide. Because of this, can not only guarantee the best availability of network, but also make it more scalable and robust.

Serverion to pro-active management, both within and outside of network, are able to respond and act quickly on issues – most of the time, even before they play out. Network Operations Center is active 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure the quality, stability and availability of network. With this premium infrastructure offer you a blazing fast and reliable internet connection that you can expect from an Internet Service Provider.


Serverion complete network is supplied with hard -and software firewalls.

Data Security

Serverion.com All data is fully secured with the latest updates and patches.


Serverion complete network is being monitored 24/7/365.


Serverion.com have backups and snapshots, multiple times a day.

Technical Staff

Serverion have 24/7 technicians available in case of problems.


Serverion offers 24/7 state-of-the-art support in various languages.

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