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SecureAX Pte Ltd Hosting Review : It Is Good Or Bad Review

About SecureAX Pte Ltd Hosting

SecureAX Pte Ltd Hosting Founded in 2007, SecureAX made corporate cloud IT solutions affordable to any company that wishes to deploy reliable and fully automated solutions with complete access, control, security, and scalability. They provide enterprise-grade cloud solution to businesses of all sizes within South East Asia, particularly in areas of: Realising the demand for secured web browsing, SecureAX Internet was co-founded by Caric Tan and Michael Foo, when both of them were undergraduates. SecureAX Internet began offering Virtual Private Network (VPN) to offer better internet browsing with higher privacy and security.

Company Name SecureAX Pte Ltd
Starting Price$0.00
Money Back30 DAYS
Company TypeWeb Hosting
Location Singapore  Los Angeles  Bangkok
Website UrlClick Here To Visit Company Official Website

Creating an Account with SecureAX Pte Ltd Solutions

  • Visit Hosting Official Website
  • Click On Product Which You Want Purchase
  • Once You Selected Your Product Click On Select Button
  • Now You Redirect Domain Page Just Fill Domain Name And Process Next
  • Now Hosting Asking Some Account Information Just Fill All Necessary Data
  • Next Complete Your Payment
  • Now You Are Done

Virtualization, the Pre- Cloud Era

SecureAX Pte Ltd Hosting started offering virtualised servers as virtual private servers (VPS) in Singapore, built on modified open source virtualization platforms. early customers saw the benefits of reducing cost through renting the VPS from us, instead of owning on-premise server.

Cloud is now Popular

Apple Inc launched iCloud. The world knows what cloud is all about. SecureAX benefitted significantly by spending less time educating potential customers what Cloud is all about. Image is the intellectual property of Apple Inc

SecureAX became Microsoft SPLA Partner

SecureAX Pte Ltd Hosting became a Microsoft SPLA Partner and offers Microsoft licences on its cloud computing servers

Market Leader in Managed Cloud Computing

SecureAX signed up more technological partnerships to strengthen its position as a market leader in Managed Cloud Computing within the region

Completed First Acquisition

SecureAX Pte Ltd Hosting As part of the vertical integration strategy, SecureAX completed the first acquisition of a digital marketing cloud expert, EN-Singapore, which served around 2000 public & private companies, including government and quasi-government entities in Singapore

Expanded to Malaysia via Acquisition

SecureAX completed the acquisition of PCT, a leading cloud digital solutions provider in Malaysia, as part of its expansion into Malaysia. PCT brought along key global customers such as Bata, Hilding Anders, Power Root, to name a few, to SecureAX


Why an SSL Certificate is Needed

SecureAX Pte Ltd Hosting Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a security technology for establishing an encrypted connection between a server and a client :- typically a webserver (website) and a browser, or a mail server and a mail client (e.g., Outlook).

SSL Certificates secure millions of peoples’ data on the Internet every day, especially during online transactions or when transmitting confidential information. Internet users have come to associate their online security with the lock icon that comes with an SSL-secured website or green address bar that comes with an Extended Validation SSL-secured website. SSL-secured websites also begin with HTTPS rather than HTTP.

Better Security

Secure the network connection between your website and your customers’ with bank-level 256-bit AES encryption! This protects data that is exchanged between your website and your customers’ internet browsers

Verified Identity

SecureAX Pte Ltd Hosting certificate issuers help verify that you own the domain name (Domain Validation, DV) or you own the company (Organisation Validation, OV). Trust endorsement can also be done (Extended Validation, EV)

Get Paid

Every SSL certificate comes with warranty. They will help you pay your customers against loss of money when submitting a payment on your SSL-secured site, if you have nothing to do with the data breach or security lapse.


Cloud is in DNA

SecureAX Pte Ltd Hosting Team came a long way since the nascent development of virtualization, to today’s Cloud Computing

Problem Solver

Every cloud computing solution we propose to our customer aims at solving their problem.

Proponent of Automation

SecureAX Pte Ltd Hosting embrace automation within SecureAX. Likewise, help customers build marketing, sales and operational automation solutions.

Result Driven

Most of our customers have been with us since the early days of our business, simply because our solutions are result driven

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