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Nielsen.com Survey Review – Take surveys, Earn Rewards!!

About Nielsen.com

Nielsen.com you’re eyeing markets in the next town or across continents, we understand the importance of knowing what consumers watch and buy.  That’s our passion and the very heart of the business. They study consumers in more than 100 countries to give you the most complete view of trends and habits worldwide.  And we’re constantly evolving, not only in terms of where we measure, or who we measure, but in how our insights can help you drive profitable growth.

Whether your business is a multinational enterprise or a single storefront, Nielsen believe innovation is the key to success, in both what you create and how you market your products and ideas.  That’s why they continue to develop better solutions to help you meet the needs of today’s consumers, and find out where they’re headed next. So let’s put our heads together.  We’ll bring the insight to your business and help you grow.

Basic Information

SomeImportant Details
Platform NameNielsen.com
Min PayoutN/A
Address6th Floor, Block C, Godrej IT Park, Pirojshanagar, L.B.S. Road, Vikhroli (W), Mumbai, India 400079
Platform CategoryOnline Survey
Contact+91 22 66632500
Accepted countriesAll
Website Urlhttps://www.nielsen.com/

How To Join The Nielsen.com Survey

  1. Visit the Website Nielsen.com Url
  2. Click On Sign Up & Registration Button. Fill Required Details Like, Name, Email, Or Other Details Which Required By Website.
  3. Verify Email Address By Clicking On Confirmation Url Or Code Which You Received On Your Email.
  4. Now You Joined. Click On Login Button And Start Competing Survey & Earn Money.


Consumer needs are fragmenting and competition to engage them is steep. To win, Nielsen.com need to up your game to meet their needs and connect with them—individually. One-to-one interactions are what matter today, but traditional segmentation models can’t deliver your programs to the specific consumers you want to reach.

Consumerization helps solve these problems. This new technique broadens segmentation and offers a new level of precision so you can reach deeper and boost consumer engagement across your entire business. They help you identify and build a custom view of your most profitable consumers so we can then help you innovate, communicate and activate with those consumers in mind.


Succeeding in today’s market requires more than just keeping pace with what everyone else is doing. Competition is fierce and new products are a dime a dozen. But great innovators make it look easy, almost magical. Behind that magic, however, is immense time, discipline, and analytics. That’s where we come in.

Nielsen.com end-to-end innovation process is backed by 30 years of experience developing, optimizing and validating product campaigns. The innovation approach identifies what consumers say they need as well as the needs they haven’t articulated yet. That’s where breakthrough opportunities—those with true potential to achieve sustainable growth for your business—reside.

Marketing Efffectiveness

Effective marketing is about delivering your message to the right people, shaping their preferences and, ultimately, driving sales. We call this reach, resonance and reaction—the three Rs of marketing effectiveness.

Nielsen.com marketing effectiveness measurement systems are unparalleled in their scope and level of integration. We can help you measure how well you’re accomplishing your advertising goals across video-, audio- and text-based advertising on virtually any platform or device. From network television to streaming audio on a smart phone to social media on a tablet, we’ve got you covered whether you’re buying or selling advertising.

SNielsen.com ales Effectivness

Understanding today’s consumer is no easy feat, and with store-level as well as shopper insights in all of the markets you operate in, your customers’ behaviors and preferences will always be top of mind.

Effective shopper marketing relies on understanding shoppers to influence their purchase decisions and drive growth. So with our insights, your activation will always be shopper-friendly. Our deep knowledge of consumer shopper behavior helps you understand the why behind the buy so that you can enhance your marketing approach at retail.

Driving performance is also about understanding the levers that influence purchase decisions and ultimately guiding your price and trade promotion strategies. They have end-to-end solution that helps you measure each of these in-store variables and their impact on your sales volume.

Nielsen.com Responsible, Sustainable

Nielsen.com responsible, sustainable business practices and the commitment to giving back, we care for the communities and markets where they live and operate the business. The Global Responsibility & Sustainability strategy at Nielsen includes all environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues that affect business, operations, and all internal and external stakeholders. The global teams work together to have an uncommon impact in the marketplaces and communities where we live and serve.

Advertising Effectivness

Nielsen.com Advertising isn’t rocket science, but there is a science to it. Knowing what your customers watch and buy will help you tune up your marketing mix, prioritize spending and create effective, efficient and memorable ad plans.

Hosting Details

  • Datacenter: Automattic, Inc
  • Server IP:
  • Location: United States of America
  • City: San Francisco
  • Domain Who Is: Click Here
  • Nameservers: pdns1.ultradns.net, pdns6.ultradns.co.uk, pdns5.ultradns.info, pdns2.ultradns.net, pdns4.ultradns.org, pdns3.ultradns.org

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