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Newchic Fashion Affiliate Program Review : Free To Make Money

What is Newchic Fashion Affiliate Program ?

Newchic Fashion Affiliate Program was launched with a beautiful vision – to make high fashion affordable for everyone. Now, the company has grown into a global brand and is offering affordable and fashionable apparels, accessories, and beauty products. Newchic offers its customers a massive selection of clothes, beauty products, and accessories for men, women, and kids. NewChic.com, the website which has been around since 2016, is a fashion website with lots of stuff from trendy to creative.

Check out this video to know more about Newchic latest collection and line of products:

KeyPoints Of Newchic

Affiliate BasicDetails
Product NameNewchic Affiliate Program
Commission rateUp to 18% per sale
Affiliate CategoryFashion Affiliate Program
Cookie Duration 60days
Official Affiliate WebsiteClick Here To Visit Official Website

How To Join Newchic Fashion Affiliate Program And Earn Free Passive Income

Sign Up

First Step To Sign Up At Newchic Affiliate Program . It Is Very Easy To Join Newchic Affiliate Program . Just Fill Necassary Data Like , Your Name , Date Of Birth & All Required Data By Newchic. Once Fill Everything Correctly Just Click On Submit Button .It Is Over Now

Wait For Approval

Once Your Submit Application For Newchic Affiliate Program .Your Application Sent To Affiliate Team Of Newchic If Your Profile Eligible For Their Affiliate Program Than You Get Another Approval Email Once You Approved By Team .

Once You Approved By Newchic

Now It Is Time To Login Your Newchic Affiliate Account . And Start Promoting Newchic Program To Your Friends By Email Marketing , Blog , Social Media Etc . Once Any Sale Made By Your Refer Link You Get Fixed % From Newchic.

Newchic Affiliate Program

Newchic In-house affiliate program is a performance-based (Cost per Sale Payout) affiliate program which helps affiliates in earning commission through their blogs/websites. It is 100% free to join the affiliate program. As an affiliate, you can earn money without actually having to sell anything. You don’t even need a website. You can promote the Newchic’s coupons, products on your website, blog, social media, or other online platforms to receive a commission on any sale you refer successfully.

Typically, a Newchic affiliate works with the brand to promote “Newchic” website and products on external sites by posting an affiliate URL. If you join the program, you will be paid a commission on any order the customer you referred places within 60 days of clicking your link. If someone comes to Newchic.com online via your affiliate link and makes a purchase, you can get a 10%-16% tiered commission on the sale and the commission can be exchanged for cash (paid via PayPal or Western Union).

Newchic Affiliate Membership Management

1) Newchic referral commission earned can be exchanged for:
10%-16% tiered commission rates for confirmed sales, with 60-day cookie duration.
Free to join “Newchic” affiliate program and with real-time reporting and sales tracking.

2) Commissions can be exchanged for cash, and the minimum withdrawal amount is USD$20.

3) Referral commissions earned are locked for 45 days after the order has been shipped. This is to allow for any problems or refunds which may occur.

Commission Rates

$10 – $16 per $100 in referrals


The commission is calculated as a percentage of the total orders value placed by the customers you referred. The rate is based on your affiliate membership type, as you can see on the chart below. Each class varies according to the total sales amount of your affiliate account. The more you sell, the higher your commission will be.

MemberCommission RatioCash Back Equipment Amount
Ordinary Member10%$10 per $100 in referrals
Silver Member12%$12 per $100 in referrals
Gold Member14%$14 per $100 in referrals
Diamond Member16%$16 per $100 in referrals
Why Join Newchic Affiliate Program?
  • Easy and free to join
  • Competitive price with 63,000 + items
  • Average 2.5 % site conversion rate and $40+ USD order amount
  • Up to 16% commission
  • Free review samples available for excellent reviewers.
  • Dedicated affiliate team to support your demands

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