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NettaCompany Web Solutions Users Reviews

About NettaCompany

NettaCompany which has been providing quality service to its customers for years with its customer-oriented services, adds a new one to these services every day. The introduce you to quality and complete services with the web design and web hosting services With field and operational team experienced for more than 25 years, the stand by you as your solution partner, not your supplier. They are a team consisting of a wide range of academicians, from managers to engineers, from field teams to high school students. Every year the lead hundreds of young people to step into the corporate business world. With the intellectual accumulation of , which was established in 2014 and taken over as a NK Teknoloji brand in 2020, you will feel safe and peaceful.

NettaCompany increase your visibility in digital environments with the experienced team in digital marketing activities. With the state-of-the-art infrastructure, the ensure that your websites work with high performance. The help you create your sites quickly with modern interfaces with the ready-made website packages or special software solutions. With the corporate solutions, local e-mail, virtual server, backup, cyber security, disaster recovery center etc. that a business needs. With the solutions, the ensure that your systems work 7×24 at optimum costs.

We have accomplished many successful projects in the country. The export services, albeit partially. They aimed to become a world-renowned Cloud Systems Supplier after reaching an operational excellence level in the country. With the contribution of the solution partner ecosystem they have created in this process, we are taking firm steps towards becoming an institution that grows rapidly, not importing technology, but exporting our intellectual accumulation. NettaCompany, which we took over in the last quarter of 2020, has been providing corporate web solutions for more than 6 years.

Company NameNettaCompany
Starting Price$0.18
Money Back15 DAYS
Company TypeWeb Hosting
LocationAlma Istanbul Dublin Sumy Dubai Ahmedabad Neunkirchen Rustenburg Paris Granada.
Website UrlClick Here To Visit Company Official Website

Creating an Account with NettaCompany Solutions

  • Visit NettaCompany Hosting Official Website
  • Click On Product Which You Want Purchase
  • Once You Selected Your Product Click On Select Button
  • Now You Redirect Domain Page Just Fill Domain Name And Process Next
  • Now NettaCompany Hosting Asking Some Account Information Just Fill All Necessary Data
  • Next Complete Your Payment
  • Now You Are Done

What Does NettaCompany Offer You?

Hosting Services: You can provide uninterrupted service to your customers with site hosting service. If you wish, you can get service from our Windows or Linux servers and open the doors of your website to the world without interruption.

E-Commerce Solutions: We make it easier for you to present your products to your customers over the internet and we offer you the advantages of attractive e-commerce packages. You can open your online store right away with our affordable and high quality e-commerce packages.

Software Solutions: As Nettacompany, we are with you with our special software for all your transactions over the Internet. We provide fast solutions to all your problems with our expert staff in PHP, ASP, NET, C#, JAVA and all other software languages.

Dynamic Content Solutions: All the content on your website is carefully prepared by us and presented to your visitors. The meticulousness we show in both your visual and written content raises your website to the top in search engines.

Quality and High Performance

NettaCompany You can reach your audience on the internet by making use of our quality and high-performance web design service. With our unique coding and unique software, you can benefit from our special web design services. With Google-friendly and error-free coding, we care about your site’s performance as well as its value in search engines, and we create our entire plan accordingly.

Feel The Performance

With our high performance servers, we guarantee that your site will continue to be broadcast uninterrupted. Nettacompany, which proves its quality once again with the high number of sites it hosts, also guarantees the hits coming to your site with its Linux server service. With both individual and corporate Linux hosting packages, you can choose the appropriate hosting for your website and start using it with peace of mind.


NettaCompany The domains you buy from are instantly registered online and information about the domains you purchased is sent to your e-mail. You can manage and update your domains in and more than 15 free domain services online. Thanks to the whois hiding feature, you can hide or activate your domain registration information at any time.

Automatic Update

Latest operating systems, web applications and software

Account Security

NettaCompany Advanced protected firewalls and high-end security systems

Software Optimization

Compatible, integrated, stable and seamless software solutions

Daily Backup

NettaCompany Monthly, weekly and daily automatic backups

Unlimited Email Accounts

Affordable, state-of-the-art, powerful corporate email systems that work 24×7

CloudFlare Integrated

Special protection against server attacks and malicious traffic

Server Level Protection

Quick system updates and security patches

Free 24/7 Support

NettaCompany are with you not only with our products, but also with the support packages we offer.

Affordable Price Guarantee

Always one step ahead in the sector with its Price / Performance and Service quality

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