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Money Making By Wrong Deeds


Earn With Illegal Ways

There is no doubt that money is very crucial for our essential healthy life. Money is almost everything for us. To maintain high rank in society, it is very important. It is only money that can meet all the initial needs of our life, comforts and needs. If someone has wealth, then he can fulfill all his desires in his life, which will improve his personality, improve self confidence, increase credibility, increase qualifications, increase capacity and grow at a very large level in courage helps to. Without money, we feel unaffected and alone in this world, where no one is there to help and support us. In this present physical world, money is very important and powerful thing, without which no one can survive.

Nowadays, many wrong peoples earn money by making bad money, illegal work, kidnapping, corruption, drug supplier and by more many things. Which deprive all the moral values and ideas of humanity? The lazy people use the wrong method of getting huge money because they feel that these are the easiest way to make huge money.

Because they do not want to do hard work. Although this is not true. In these ways, wrong peoples get huge money in less time without any efforts but they do not survive for long time.  Surely one day they will be destroyed in the coming time because they were walking on a wrong and weak path. Those people who earn money by following all the laws of humanity earn less money but, that money is used for a long time and they become highly respected people of the society.

However, corrupt people hide their wealth in other countries, in the form of black money to hide from the general public, and put the money in to enhance those evil deeds or their physical comfort. Although, the common people of the society respect the people who make money through wrong methods because they are afraid of them. At the same time, they have a little bit of greed that if they flatter the people, they will also get some money. Such people are usually called brothers, brothers, grandfathers or donors.

Money can neither buy nor stop time, nor can buy true love and care together, yet it is demanded by all, so that life can be pursued on the right path. It cannot give time and love, although happiness, self-confidence, satisfaction, physical and mental peace certainly provide. Due to which there is ease in living life and every difficult problem can be solved but cannot spend time with their family to get love and care together.

To conclude, I understand and agree that Money plays very important role in our daily life to get happiness, which has given to us by God. It is depending on human’s brain, which way they use to make money such as wrong and right. Some people use it only to fulfill their daily physical needs and they never take it with their heart. Although other people consider money as their own and they are willing to do anything to get money. To get it, they can do any criminal act like murder, theft, robbery, corruption, bribe etc. But they cannot survive for long term.


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