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Trending Money Making Methods

If you’re a teen and interested in earning some money of your own, you’re not alone. Many teens are looking for ways they can make money to cover expenses. I mean, there are things to buy – clothes, entertainment costs, and electronic gadgets. Many teens also need to save up for cars, college costs and other big purchases

If you are one of the many teens who needs or wants to earn money to cover these costs, read on. We’ve got a large list of ways for teens to make money. Choose the ones you think will work best for you, and start earning today!

There is an almost limitless number of ways that you can rake in some cash if you’re a teenager. From online jobs to money-earning apps to in-person jobs, the possibilities are many.

Sell Your Stuff:

Is your closet or storage area loaded with items you no longer need? Consider selling them at a garage sale or online.

For instance, do you have video games, DVDs or CDs lying around? See what you can get for them on a site like Decluttr which makes it super easy to get rid of a lot of items quickly.

If you don’t want to the hassle of selling items one by one, then Decluttr can be a great option. You just scan the bar-codes of all the items, put them in a box, and put the free shipping label they provide.

Making Money with Your Smartphone:

Companies such as InboxDollars will pay you for playing games on your phone, downloading apps, taking surveys from your phone and watching videos on your phone. You likely do these types of things on your phone anyway – why not get paid for it?


Are there young kids in your neighborhood or extended family members who need child care? If so, you can offer babysitting services and earn some cash that way. You can offer your babysitting services on nights and weekends during the school year. During the summer you could offer to nanny while parents are at work and kids are out of school.

Dog Walking:

If you’re looking to earn money by helping animals but want a less time-intensive job, you could offer dog walking services.

Many people don’t have time to walk their dogs but want their dogs to get exercise. These people will pay a decent hourly rate to have someone else walk their dog a few times a week.

Hold a Class at Your Home:

If you have a talent such as drawing, painting, or dancing, you could hold classes for neighborhood kids in your yard or home. The classes can be one-time deals or can be held for several days in a row.






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