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About ocused cash-based online rewards club that passes on the revenue it generates from advertisers to its members. By participating in paid surveys, reading e-mails, playing games, redeeming coupons, and more, you can get cashback on your activates. InboxPounds is the UK version of InboxDollars, a website that rewards members for completing a variety of simple activities. The American version was founded by Daren Cotter in 2000 and is used as a powerful marketing tool for advertisers. It has grown considerably since then, achieving the remarkable mark of $35 million paid to its members. 

Basic Information

SomeImportant Details
AddressOperated by: Prodege, LLC 100 N. Pacific Coast Highway 8th Floor, El Segundo, CA 90245
Platform CategoryOnline Survey
Accepted countriesAll
Website UrlHomepage

How To Sign Up & Start Earning From

Visit Website

First Step To Visit Inboxpounds GPT Website. Find Sign Up Or Join Button To Participate In Inboxpounds GPT Program.

Sign Up

Once You Visited At Inboxpounds GPT Website Click On Sign Up Button To Join company Fill Necessary Details Like – Your Email, Your Name, Password, And All Details Which Are Required By Inboxpounds Website.

Confirm Your Email

Inboxpounds GPT May Be Required To Confirm Your Email. You, Will, Get Confirmation Link Or Code To Your Register Email. Just Open Your Email & Click On Confirmation Link To Verified Your Email. Once Verification Done You Are Ready To Earn

Login To Your Account

Login To Your Inboxpounds GPT Account & Find Task, Offers , Start Completing Task Which Provides By And Earn That It

How it Works

All you need to do is sign up using your email address and once confirmed, you earn £1. Which seems very generous. You’ll then need to work through various offers until you have £20 in your account. Once reached, you can request either PayPal or a gift card.

  1. Brands pay us for consumer input
  2. They recruit members like you
  3. You do online activities

How do you get paid?

For any GPT and survey site, you join, it is very important to know before joining how you will get paid and what the payout conditions are. You need to know this before spending time on the platform. When you earn on InboxPounds, you earn pounds (as the name reveals).

For some of the earning methods you will see the earnings in your account right away and for others, it can take between 15 minutes – a few weeks. Some of the higher paying offers take longer to be approved and that is why some of them have a waiting period like this.

You can then get your rewards out in different ways depending on your preferences.

You can get e-payments which, for example, includes prepaid MasterCard, Amazon gift cards, and other gift cards.

Or you can get paid via PayPal. PayPal is one of the newer options on InboxPounds and this was introduced instead of paying by check as they used to.

In my opinion, this is a great improvement as getting paid via PayPal is so much more convenient if you want to get paid in cash.

Overall, the payment options InboxPounds offers are safe methods and can be great but it, of course, depends on your personal preferences.

You can request a payout once you have earned £20. It is a little high payout threshold, in my opinion, but still not unreasonably high. And at least you get a £1 joining bonus to get you started.

Can you use it on mobile? GPT Being able to use a survey and GPT site on mobile is great as you can then also earn on the go and no matter the device you have. InboxPounds does not have an app but its website is fully optimized for mobile.

So you can just open your browser on your mobile or tablet and go to the InboxPounds’ website and then use it from there. It has a very nice mobile site compared to many other similar sites.

Is InboxPounds safe?

InboxPounds is owned by InboxPounds Limited, a British company based in Cheshire. They have been operating since 2011. As you can see, they have been operating for a long time and this is a legit site. There are plenty of reviews of InboxPounds across the internet – not a lot of them are complimentary though. In the couple of months I was a member, I never had any issues.

Can you get support?

The support function on InboxPounds is not so easy to find – but it is there, so they will just explain where it is so you can easily find it if you should need it.

At the very bottom of the InboxPounds’ website, there is a link to “contact us”. When you get to that page there is just an FAQ section. But in the corner of the screen, there is a small help button. If you click this, you will be able to send a message to the support team.

A good place to start before sending a message is, however, in their support center as it has quite a lot of information about how the platform works and how to use it. So it can save both you and them time to see if you can find what you are looking for here first.



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