Hcdsurveys.com Survey Review: Refer-a-Friend Program

About Hcdsurveys.com

Hcdsurveys.com Research is a marketing and communications research company that was founded in 1991. HCD Research focuses solely on providing traditional and e-based marketing and communications research services. HCD Surveys Panel was created by HCD Research in 2005. The panel was created in order to quickly reach the people clients would like to survey. They pride ourselves on excellent panel membership relationships and look forward to your participation in surveys.

The company’s web-based research combines classical and sophisticated research techniques with innovative on-line applications that enable HCD Research to obtain comprehensive, meaningful data for customers.

A pioneer in Internet marketing and communications research, Hcdsurveys.com Survey has designed and implemented research studies for numerous large and mid-sized companies in the pharmaceutical, financial services and publishing industries, among others. HCD Research is also the developer of readmylipz.com, a political ad testing web site for the 2004 Presidential campaign.

In addition to the traditional and Internet marketing research services, they provide other web-based marketing and sales applications, as well as other custom marketing services.

HCD Research is comprised of experienced research professionals who work with clients to define requirements and design, and implement programs that will help them meet their promotional objectives. The staff has extensive experience in all phases of advertising research, including recruiting participants, designing survey questionnaires, obtaining objective data and compiling data into comprehensive reports.

Basic Information

SomeImportant Details
Platform Name Hcdsurveys.com
Address260 U.S. Highway 202/31 Suite 1000, Liberty Court Suite 1000 Flemington, NJ  08822 US
Platform CategoryOnline Survey
Accepted countriesAll
Website UrlHomepage

How To Join The Hcdsurveys.com

  1. Visit the Website Survey Url
  2. Click On Sign Up & Registration Button. Fill Required Details Like, Name, Email, Or Other Details Which Required By Website.
  3. Verify Email Address By Clicking On Confirmation Url Or Code Which You Received On Your Email.
  4. Now You Joined. Click On Login Button And Start Competing Survey & Earn Money.

How does the HCD Surveys Panel Point System work?

Although you earn money for surveys you participate in, your money is recorded on a point system. The point system is a simple one in which $1 is equal to 100 points. For example, if you have 550 points in your account, that is equal to $5.50. The best part is you will never have to redeem your points for anything other than cash!

How much money will I earn for participating in each survey?

Hcdsurveys.com Survey amount of points/money you earn for each survey will vary for each survey. On average, you will earn between $1 (100 points) to $5 (500 points) per study. From time to time, you may be invited to a survey that does not offer an incentive for participating. Each invitation you receive to participate in a survey will tell you how much money you will earn for completing the survey. Then you can decide which surveys you would like to participate in.

Join Now

Joining is easy and it pays! By joining the HCD Survey consumer panel, you will be invited to participate in surveys regarding your specific interests and concerns.

HCD Survey Point System

The point system for this panel is very simple: $1 is equal to 100 points. For example, if you have 750 points in your account, this equals $7.50. Points are always redeemed for cash and can be cashed-out once 1000 or more points are earned ($10+). Expect your check to come in the mail within 6-8 weeks.

Earnings per Survey

Hcdsurveys.com amount of points collected per survey depends on the project. On average, the range is $1 – $5 per survey completed. Sometimes there will be no incentive when you participate in a study, but this will be brought to your attention beforehand. If you get invited to a survey, but the quota is full once you go to participate, you will be awarded with 10 points.

Increase your Survey Invites

Most members receive about one survey invite per week, but to ensure you are getting all of your invites, HCD offers the option to join the safe sender list. This program leads you through instructions to ensure none of your survey invites are ending up in your spam folder instead of in your inbox!

Refer-a-Friend Program

Help your friends take advantage of earning rewards for completing surveys! There is an option to “Refer a Friend” within your member account that includes a personal referral link that can be sent out.



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