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Good-host Hosting Review : It is Good Or Bad Review

About Good-host Hosting

Good-host Hosting Shared hosting is a service for hosting a website on the Internet. For little money, you get disk space for hosting a site, access to a database server, mail server, certain processor and memory resources, an Internet connection, and a convenient web interface for managing sites. Even at the initial rate, you can place not only simple HTML-based sites, but also dynamic ones written using programming languages ​​(various CMS, blogs, corporate sites, online stores, information sites, forums). Dedicated servers are located in the largest data centers in Europe with uninterrupted power supply, wide and stable communication channels, quick replacement of out-of-order equipment.

Good-host Hosting For general purpose domains (com. Net, org, etc. gTLDs), the Privacy Protection service costs about 5-6 USD per year. To order, top up the balance, then in the Domain names section, select a domain, click the Config button, select Privacy Protection, click Change, check the Enabled box. Privacy is paid until the expiration of the domain registration period, and then is included in the renewal price.  If you have paid bills in your history, you can top up the balance in the amount of up to 300 rubles using the “Promised payment” payment method, and then use these funds to renew the hosting.

Good-host Hosting If the amount is more than 300 rubles, or you have recently registered, this option may not be available. The promised payment is issued for a period of 5 days. To pay off the debt, you need to top up the balance with the same amount that you borrowed, it will be written off exactly in 5 days. Attention! To repay the debt, you need to replenish the balance, and not renew the hosting again! If after 5 days there are not enough funds on the account, it will go into negative territory, and your orders will be suspended.

Company NameGood-host Hosting
Starting Price$1.20
Money BackAny
Company TypeWeb Hosting
Website UrlClick Here To Visit Company Official Website

Creating an Account with Good-host Hosting

  • Visit Good-host Hosting Official Website
  • Click On Product Which You Want Purchase
  • Once You Selected Your Product Click On Select Button
  • Now You Redirect Domain Page Just Fill Domain Name And Process Next
  • Now Good-host Hosting Asking Some Account Information Just Fill All Necessary Data
  • Next Complete Your Payment
  • Now You Are Done

Security Technologies

Protection against brute force attacks!

Good-host Hosting Millions of infected machines around the world are used to brute-force passwords for accounts of sites, FTP, mail, control panels. In addition to the risk of brute-forcing a password, requests create a parasitic load and can lead to interruptions in the operation of sites. Popular CMS, such as WordPress and Joomla, are most susceptible to brute force. For part, block 99% of such requests , and you do not need to switch to more expensive tariffs due to the load from junk traffic.

Intrusion detection system!

Almost all sites have hidden vulnerabilities, and it is only a matter of time before another hole is discovered and exploited by cybercriminals. To combat this problem, the hosting runs mod_security, an intrusion detection system. This IDS successfully filters dangerous requests that come to the site from the Internet. Using mod_security can reduce the risk of website hacking by at least 75%.

Antivirus and site isolation!

Good-host Hosting Daily antivirus checks can detect malicious scripts before attackers have time to use them to harm a site or launch attacks on other sites on the Internet. Most providers, when receiving unauthorized access to one site, opens access to all sites of the account. In Good-Host, due to the organization of access rights, if one site in the account is hacked, others will not suffer .

Easily Adapt hosting to Your Needs

  • .Htaccess management
  • Custom php.ini
  • PHP version selection

Good-host Hosting constantly keep up with the times and provide inexpensive, high-quality and reliable hosting. The use of SSD drives and the latest Intel processors speeds up websites several times, which undoubtedly plays an important role in ranking in search engines. With access to php.ini and .htaccess configuration files, you can customize and host almost any PHP and MySQL based site. Sign up for a free trial now! Contact support and we will transfer all your sites from another hosting provider for free and on a turnkey basis.

Are You Getting Money Back?

In the event of early termination of the Agreement at the initiative of the Customer, the balance of the Customer’s personal account is non-refundable. The Contractor has the right to offer the Customer other services for the remaining unused amount. Funds for full unused months of “Shared hosting” and “VPS” services can be returned to the personal account.

Way Of Payment

1 – When using daily billing to create a server, the balance must have an amount that will be enough for 1 month of work. Funds are debited from the balance every day for 1 day at 00:00 MSK. In the future, the balance can be replenished for any amount. If you have several servers, funds from the balance are debited daily to all servers in your account. When the funds on the balance run out, all servers stop working. To renew servers individually, use monthly billing.

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