Gobranded.com Survey Review: Get Paid for Your Opinion with Branded surveys

About Gobranded.com

When companies want to launch new products or collect market research, they lean on the Branded Surveys Community for feedback. Gobranded.com pair companies that need market insight with people who want to earn extra money. We consider this a win-win: Companies get helpful insights, and members get an incredible survey-taking experience.

Basic Information

SomeImportant Details
Platform NameGobranded.com
Currency PayPal
Customer Support24/7
Email SupportN/A
Platform CategoryOnline Survey
Languageenglish, french
Accepted countriesAll
Website UrlHomepage

How To Join The Gobranded.com

  1. Visit the Website Gobranded.com Survey Url
  2. Click On Sign Up & Registration Button. Fill Required Details Like, Name, Email, Or Other Details Which Required By Website.
  3. Verify Email Address By Clicking On Confirmation Url Or Code Which You Received On Your Email.
  4. Now You Joined. Click On Login Button And Start Competing Survey & Earn Money.

Goals at Branded Surveys

Gobranded Survey believe by taking good care of our members, the clients benefit – and vice versa. They first and foremost want to help our members earn as much as possible for the time they spend taking surveys for our clients. We’re always looking for ways to improve system to give members a better survey-taking experience and more opportunities to earn points.

Gobranded.com second goal is to provide the best platform for members to voice their opinion. The community members provide opinions that help companies make business decisions. When they take surveys with us, they’re part of something special. We’re proud of the community we’ve built and the quality market research it’s provided to the clients.

How it works


The members are part of one of the world’s leading audiences to get rewarded for their opinion.


The audience verifies their identity and answers simple survey questions to unlock more survey opportunities.


The Branded community collects points for every survey they complete! Points are redeemed for gift cards, cash, or Branded Pay™ (for US panelists only).

Earn Cash by Completing Online Surveys

  1. Branded Surveys is one of the world’s leading market research communities – rewarding you for your opinion!
  2. Answer a few simple questions about yourself so that we may match your profile to a variety of our surveys.
  3. Collect points for every survey you complete! Redeem your points in the form of gifts cards or cash via PayPal or Branded Pay.
  4. Join for daily challenges, polls, product and services offerings!

Community Experience

The audience knows the meaning of community. Follow Branded Surveys on Facebook and Twitter to join in on the conversation, see insights derived from the community polls and participate in fun giveaways!

Why Members Love Working With Us

They offer a hassle-free way to earn extra cash. There are no startup fees or requirements to take online surveys; they are the perfect opportunity for stay-at-home parents, busy college students and everyone in between. We also do our best to match members with as many surveys as possible by using Survey Matching Engine. The more surveys our members take, the more they can earn! Members love the freedom and flexibility that comes with joining our community, as well as the variety of reward options and fast payouts.

Read the testimonials to see how much the members love. If you would like to join the community of happy members and earn points and cash for taking surveys, sign up for Branded Surveys today!

Join Branded Surveys Affiliate Offer and Grow Your Earnings!

Get started by joining our affiliate program and earn competitive commission for driving new users to the Branded Surveys site. Partners also enjoy real-time reporting on all campaigns, reliable support from our friendly team and industry-leading conversion rates leading to handsome payouts.

How Do Online Survey Sites Work?

It’s simple! You’ll take a few minutes to complete brief surveys or polls from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. All you need to do is share your honest thoughts and opinions about different brands, services, and products. Branded Surveys then rewards you with real cash and gift cards for completing these easy tasks. In fact, we’ve been on the scene since 2012 and have already paid our users over $20 million!

Why Would a Company Pay Me to Take Online Surveys?

Before a brand launches a new product or service, they need to conduct a lot of research within their potential market. The data they uncover helps to determine what will and will not be successful. Will that new ice-cream flavor be a hit or a flop? Is the blue updated logo as eye-catching as the original green one? Do people enjoy watching ads featuring cats, or do the majority prefer dogs? While these may seem like silly questions, this is what market research is all about, and the answers are quite valuable to businesses.

Are Paid Survey Sites a Scam, or Are They Truly Legitimate?

As a consumer, your opinion is more important to companies than you think. Brands desperately need to know what people think of their goods and services, so they enlist companies like ours to help them reach customers like you. Legitimate survey companies like Branded Surveys offer users a way to make some extra money online in exchange for their feedback.

It’s important to be aware that scam sites do exist in the survey industry so you know what to watch out for. For example, an honest and legit survey company will never ask you to offer up your bank account information or your credit card number. Remember, you should never have to pay money to make money. Here are a few other red flags to watch out for when looking for the best paid survey sites.

How to Make Money Doing Surveys

It’s easy! You can register for free using your current email address and a password you create. This will give you secure access to your survey dashboard. You can even sign up through your Facebook account if you want.

Once you have registered, you’ll need to confirm your email. Then we will ask you a few questions about yourself. This won’t take long. We just want to know a little more about you so we can match you with as many surveys as possible.

After your profile is complete, you can start making money online by completing surveys no matter where you are. Just sign in to your account and start earning cash right away!

You are not chained to a desk, either. You can respond to surveys using your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Many of members make money taking surveys at home, work, school, on the bus, during breaks, standing in line, or waiting for a friend. Most appreciate that they can spend a few minutes taking an online survey for cash instead of feeling impatient or bored.



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