Why Choose Freelance Jobs?

There are many reasons why freelancers often choose to work as freelancers rather than permanent jobs. For example, due to time constraints and transportation constraints.

If you have certain skills but do not have the full time to channel them, maybe working part-time or freelance work is one solution.

Moreover, many companies prefer to use the services of part-time workers lately, because it is more practical and costs less.

Not sure about freelance work? The advantages of freelance work include the following.

Work Smart, Not Hard

Hard work is really needed as a step to achieve success. But as a worker, why work hard if you can work smart?

If you do have problems with time or energy, there is no need to force work full time so you are exhausted. Take advantage of freelance work intelligently and you can start work very efficiently.

Now it is no stranger to work remotely. According to International Data Corporation (IDC), the population of long-distance workers in the US continues to grow from 96.2 million in 2015 to 105.4 million in 2020.

Then, at the end of that period, IDC estimated that long-distance workers would reach 72.3 percent of the total US workforce.

The good news is that with the advancement of technology in modern times it is not difficult to run such work, especially with the help of the internet.

Now there is a lot that can be obtained from the internet, for example, there are many online courses that you can take while relaxing at home. One of them is my online financial course.

You can access 34 videos with the theme of financial management training and financial planning training in Indonesian with a duration of 2 hours 38 minutes.

You will also get a full premium version of my Financial Application membership for 1 year.

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2 Freedom Without Limits

Still, about working long distance, you will get unlimited freedom. Modern technology allows you to run a business or work anywhere without hassle.

With the help of the internet, laptops, and applications, it now works as easily as turning the palm of the hand.

This freedom can be a motivation to work harder because in reality working hours and rules that limit you usually only trigger laziness and result in work being ineffective.

10 Promising Freelance Jobs and Not Many People Know

Now what? Are you interested in working freelance? Many people say that there are no promising freelance jobs yet.

The good news is just a myth. Don’t believe people say about the promising end of freelance work.

There are still a lot of real work freelance were likely to lead to success because not known to many people.

Let ‘s see 10 promising freelance jobs and not many people know

1. Freelance Writer 

Not everyone can make quality content. When the blog world explodes and is popular with many people, usually freelance article writers (content writers) can also make a profit.

As a freelance article writer, you can work at home. But it is important to have good, systematic and neat writing skills.

If you are just starting out, do not worry, you can look through some portal  job to  freelance  the following:

  • Sribulancer
  • UpWork (International)
  • TextBroker

Generally, freelance work as an article writer (content writer) is paid per month or per article. The scheme depends on your agreement with the employer. You can choose it according to your preferences.

2. Online Course 

For those of you who like to teach friends during college, you can continue this hobby while making money,  you know! You can open a course or tutoring just by using the internet.

The system is the same as the course in general, only the difference here is that the material delivered is recorded so that it can be accessed via the internet. It sounds similar to information products, right?

Actually, it is similar, but there is one difference, the information provided here is not directly conveyed in 1 session. Usually, the information will be divided into several sessions, for example, once a week.

Some  platforms  for online courses   that are commonly used are as follows:

  • WordPress +  plugin  Zippy Courses
  • Teachable
  • Udemy

3. Graphic Design Services

Did you know that the income of professional graphic design is very big? Some even earn Rp1 billion per year. Amazing isn’t it?

If you have talent in the field of graphic design, you can also start from  the following platforms :

  • Sribu
  • 99designs
  • Fiverr

You can learn slowly while making money. Then collect and continue to build your portfolio to become a professional graphic design.

If you do not have graphic design talent, you can also be the one who sells ready-made templates. For example, presentation templates, logos, and so on.

Here are some   buying and selling  template platforms  that you can use:

  • GraphicRiver
  • CreativeMarket
  • IconFinder

4. Editor

This work is still related to the content writer work on the first point. You who are struggling in the content world can also be an editor.

Today a lot of job offers on the Internet to become an editor in freelance. Some of these types of work include book editors, proofreaders, and editors for severalonline media.

Generally, freelance work as an editor is divided into 2 namely:

  • The editor is fixed, where you will be asked or required to come to the office for a briefing at a certain time.
  • Non-permanent editor, which can be done online from home. So the work done by freelancers is simply sent by email.

In addition, not many people know, the job editor is paid quite interesting, you know. There are those calculated based on the number of projects that are done, there are also those calculated monthly.

For example, for article editors, you have successfully edited 50 articles in a month. Then your fee will be paid according to the number of articles edited.

Some are paid monthly. Regardless of the book, you have edited, your fee will still be paid for one month.

5. Services for Managing and Marketing in Social Media

If you see Instagram, of course, there are many online shops that continue to make posts containing merchandise and promotions to attract customers. This is usually done by the owner of the online shop.

But it is different if the  online shop is large and the sales level is high.

Usually, there will be several parts divided with their respective responsibilities. For example, the admin manages and markets products via social media.

The general description of the work is as follows:

  • Build brand awareness.
  • Create and share content.
  • Interact with fans/followers.
  • Increase traffic to websites through social media.

You can also double into marketing management with digital advertising. The trick is to prepare ad text, images, and/or videos.

In addition, you also have to do various data testing and processing to produce an effective ad.

6 Selling photos

The technological developments in photography today are increasingly rapid. How come? Now almost everyone has a camera, for example on their smartphone.

Thus, for those of you who love photography, there is no need to spend deeply to channel the hobby. Many cameras have been circulating with good quality and friendly prices.

But in fact, your love for photography can also make money!

Well, rather than the results of your camera shots just being left piling up on hard disk or social media, you better develop the hobby.

For example, by selling the photo to a photography site that provides some money instead.

As for some high-priced photo sales sites that you can try, namely as follows:


Through the site, your shots can generate a minimum commission of 50% to a maximum of 62.5% for each photo downloaded.

You will get a commission of US $ 035 per download if the buyer has subscribed.

But there is compensation of 10% even though visitors do not download your photos but buy photos of others, with the condition that the visitor enters the Stockfresh site from your link.


This site offers a very large commission, even up to 70% for each photo downloaded.

Thus, you can make money faster through this site. The price for each photo starts at  US $ 3 per download.

Which Is Your Choice?

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