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FortuneFiles Advertisement Platform Review : It Is Safe

FortuneFiles Advertisement Platform

Website Reputation
Variety Of offers
Payment Speed
Customer Support


The truth is that like a lot of products from Streetwise Publications, there is a huge juxtaposition between what you are getting and what you are sold. In the case of The Fortune Files


About FortuneFiles Advertisement Platform

A new era in PPD market has begun defined by FortuneFiles Advertisement Platform. What makes us different is the total dedication and support to all affiliates that work with. Their success is the success as well. They are available for questions, any kind of help they can give 24/7 by email, skype, phone and aim. They offer the best rates for each download.

FortuneFiles turned into based in 2012, constructed from scratch, it took some time to broaden and set up itself. They constitute a collection of marketers who need to offer humans global extensive the danger to make cash on-line. They have made cash on-line for years and they need you to do the equal thing. They had a glance over the Pay Per Download marketplace and got here up with very own ideas, for that reason accomplishing a brand new step withinside the Pay Per Download global.

The truth is that like a lot of products from Streetwise Publications, there is a huge juxtaposition between what you are getting and what you are sold. In the case of The Fortune Files, it appears that you are actually getting is essentially a series of interlinked money making opportunities which are spaced out over 10 months. It is rather unfortunate that Michael White cannot simply be a little bit more upfront about what you are actually getting, although the thought occurs that The Fortune Files wouldn’t sell nearly as well.

Company NameFortuneFiles Advertisement Platform
Min Payout$50
Payment FrequencyNet-30, Net-15, Weekly
Company TypeAdvertisement Network
Commission TypeCPA, CPL, PPD
Payment AcceptWire, Western union, Moneygram, Check, PayPal
Referral Commission8%
Website UrlClick Here To Visit Company Official Website

How Does The Fortune Files Work?

So, how does Michael White actually make his money (apart from selling things like The Fortune Files that is…)? Supposedly, everything centres on “a kind of ‘shadow’ bank” where certain corporations have special accounts.

The FortuneFiles Advertisement Platform shows you how to “legally get access to any of those accounts” using Payoff Passwords. From there, you get information on “certain schemes” that these corporations are using accounts for, and report the schemes to certain people. Makes sense? Great, me either.

How much can they get per download?

Actually, this depends on the country the user is downloading from. Rates are excelent for western Europe, in countries like Denmark, Sweden, Norway, France, Germany etc. not to say Usa, Australia, New Zealand are great as for the rates. Most of the time, you’ll get at least an average of 1$ per download.

Good Payout

These are a better understanding and development of content locking space towards publishers and advertisers, top notch support and dedication for FortuneFiles Advertisement Platform members, fast payment terms, good payout rates on offers and a perfect system of tracking/statistics for everyone.

 The Rate of Return?

Michael White claims that he personally makes £938 per week, and that is just from one account. Given that there are 10 of these across The Fortune Files, this means that you will hypothetically be making £9,380 per week or almost £40,000 per month.

Of course, you would have to factor in that you would be giving Michael White 10% of that bringing your actual profit down to a hypothetical £36,000 per month. That is a huge amount of money, however it should be absolutely noted that at no point are you given any real evidence that The Fortune Files is genuinely capable of generating these results.

File Size Limit

FortuneFiles Advertisement Platform maximum limit is 50 megabytes for one file. There’s the possibility of splitting the files into smaller pieces in order to get what you desire. Almost any type of files but Pornography and copywright files will make you lose your account and earnings.

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