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ExoticAds Advertisement Platform Review : Optimized Adult Advertising

ExoticAds Advertisement Platform

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Exotic Ads is an optimized adult advertising network. Join us to make the most out of your ads and traffic with the fastest growing adult ad network.


About ExoticAds Advertisement Platform

ExoticAds Advertisement Platform is an optimized adult advertising network. Join us to make the most out of your ads and traffic with the fastest growing adult ad network. Exotic ad network that was founded in 2006. Currently, it serves more than 6.5B+ daily ads Impression worldwide for Adult WebSites which makes it a Great Renowned Ads Network of the local.

ExoticAds is an adult-friendly CPC advertising network. It is designed to make the most out of your ads and traffic, and it is seen as a fast-growing ad network. By connecting with successful advertisers, you can easily monetize your traffic. But, whether ExoticAds actually suits your taste or not is a whole new discussion. shall go over what you can expect and how this shit works… so if you are interested, stay and read.

However, if you do not know much about this kind of stuff and how it works, you might want to check out a different article first. You know, an article that will explain the basics. On ExoticAds.com, you get to become an affiliate, monetize your traffic, and earn a buck. If you did not know, an associate or affiliate program is a relationship in which the merchant will pay the affiliate for the links to their website. It is usually a win-win situation.

Some Important Fact About ExoticAds

Company NameExoticAds Advertisement Platform
Min Payout$50
Payment FrequencyBi-Weekly
Company TypeAdvertisement Network
Commission TypeCPC
Payment MethodCheck, ACH (Direct Deposit), Bank Wire Transfer, Paxum
Minimum Deposit$50
Website UrlClick Here To Visit Company Official Website

Make the Most out of Your Ads and traffic with the Fastest Growing Adult ad Network.

Buy Traffic

  • Proven ad targeting that gets billions of impressions worldwide
  • Reach global web and mobile traffic optimally and effectively
  • Real-time stats & advanced reporting

Sell Traffic

  • Connect with successful advertisers and monetize your traffic
  • Up to $.25 per click on tier 1 traffic
  • Track ad zones with precise stats tools
  • On-time payments and 24/7 support


  • Refer us for easy, extra earnings!
  • All affiliates receive 3% of all revenue from your referrals for life


Traffic Stars! In such a competitive affiliate marketing world, it is not that simple to actually make it rain. But it is also not impossible and is much easier compared to the times when you did not have any kind of help, whatsoever. introduce yet another great ad network called “TrafficStars”.

But, what is TrafficStars? What is an ad network? How much can earn? Well, first, you need to slow the fuck down and take this step by step. Ad networks are companies that will connect advertisers to websites that ExoticAds Advertisement Platform are interested in having ads. In this case, TrafficStars.com is a self-serving ad network and ad exchange platform, that is designed for HQ adult traffic.

Optimize Your Campaign

After launching your campaign, you should also optimize it and keep track of the performance. You will have full access to all your campaigns on the dashboard, where you can see the stats. There will be a lot of user-friendly options that will help you learn more about your active campaigns, so don’t even fret about whether you will find your way around or not. Keep in mind that if you do run into any Oopsies along the way, you can always just contact their customer support.

Great for Publishers as Well

In case you are a publisher, and are looking for the best ad network to help you out, TrafficStars might actually be the right fit. So, how to get started? Well, it should be obvious that the first step is to register as a fucking Publisher. Once you create an account, you can add your website/websites, and relevant ad spot/spots in a section labeled the ‘Manage Ad Spots’. You literally cannot miss that shit.

After you add this, your website will be placed into the ‘Pending Approval’ ExoticAds Advertisement Platform status, because it needs to be reviewed. Keep in mind that until you add the ad spots, the website will not be reviewed. Once it is approved, you will be able to implement the ad spot codes on any of your websites.

As for the native ads, there are some guidelines you need to follow. First, you will have to disclose to the users what sort of content they will be linked to thought the TrafficStars widget… as in, is it a third-party content from the web and not your own editorial content, or was it paid by the third party who wanted to have the content placed there.

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