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EvoLeads Advertisement Platform Review : It Is Safe

EvoLeads Advertisement Platform

Website Reputation
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The EvoMarketplace headquarters is an intriguing place to engage in everyday. It’s a lot like being in the eye of the tornado; getting to watch the crazy, fast-paced world of internet marketing unfold all around you, from the central


About EvoLeads Advertisement Platform

EvoLeads Advertisement Platform is a Montreal-based online marketing technology firm, specializing in providing cutting-edge service and support to members of the affiliate marketing sector. Established in 2005, EvoMarketplace has supported a multitude of media partners, optimizing endeavors across web, mobile and social platforms. The cost-per-lead (CPL) and cost-per-action (CPA) affiliate network, performance marketing tracking solution and team of top industry professionals.

converge to furnish a unified gateway to the digital media world. Though the EvoMarketplace Inc. headquarters remains in Montreal, Quebec, they strive to maintain a global presence, which is why they also hold offices in the United States, and in Europe. The mission is to uphold the extensive network, and to provide unparalleled support to the industry partners, aiding them in achieving optimal returns for their efforts. The vision is to be leaders in the evolution of performance-based marketing.

Company NameEvoLeads Advertisement Platform
Min Payout$100
Payment FrequencyWeekly, Net-15
Company TypeAdvertisement Network
Commission TypeCPA
Payment AcceptCheck, PayPal, Wire
Referral Commission1%
Website UrlClick Here To Visit Company Official Website

Unified Platform

The unified platform connects advertisers and publishers in affiliate marketing, and provides cutting-edge systems and a cost-per-lead (CPL) and cost-per-action (CPA) affiliate network that work tirelessly to empower all participants to excel at every stage of the marketing process.

The problem

EvoLeads Advertisement Platform today’s fast-paced world of instant gratification, formerly traditional marketing channels, such as print media and TV ads, have become outdated. Their costly nature and lack of precise audience-targeting capabilities amount to far from optimal results.


Let’s take advantage of the growing popularity and profitability of online marketing. With our Affiliate Marketing Network, businesses are able to analyze the data collected on internet-users, which allows them to precisely target their potential consumers, on a large scale, at a much lower cost.

The outcome

Affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing; businesses only pay when results are generated, which is smart and cost-effective. And online marketers are rewarded for each visitor or customer gained by their own marketing efforts, which is enticing and gratifying. The result being; all parties are better off!

How does Affiliate Marketing actually work?


An advertiser is any business wishing to promote their products or services.


A publisher is an individual or company who promotes advertisers’ products or services online.


EvoLeads Advertisement Platform Consumers are people of the general public who make purchases, either in-store or online.

The Role of an Affiliate Network


Imagine if all advertisers and all publishers were looking for their counterparts one-by-one; this would take an inordinate amount of time, energy and money. An affiliate network effortlessly brings together these adherents and facilitates the building of partnerships.

Common Platform

On a very practical level, affiliate networks provide a common platform for advertisers and publishers to easily interact with each other. Advertisers can post offers to the network and from here, publishers are able to choose which of the offers to promote based on their online constituents.

Quality Management

EvoLeads Advertisement Platform affiliate network is also responsible for managing all participants and ensuring a trustworthy business environment. Affiliate managers will assist with transactions executed between advertisers and publishers and will systematically screen out any fraudulent behavior.


EvoMarketplace can help maximize your returns by providing this exact capability. The carefully selected pool of publishers range across the industry, so you can simultaneously reach countless targetable audiences, and as a result, you can reach a myriad of potential customers spanning across the globe.

This is no conventional marketing network; the EvoMarketplace platform is completely risk-free. Advertisers who work with us pay according to quantifiable results; only after the actual acquisition of new customers.


At EvoMarketplace, they value the publishers. They pay generously for their hard work, and they’re always paid on time. They have the most advanced and user-friendly tracking platform in the industry. The highly customizable interface is tailored specifically to your needs.

Publishers working with EvoMarketplace have access to an extensive network. The team of experts is compiled of highly skilled individuals with diverse backgrounds. The experienced and professional affiliate managers help you optimize your campaigns and maximize your returns.

The Hottest Verticals

EvoLeads Advertisement Platform explores the hottest, most relevant, verticals circulating in the online marketing space today. We have thousands of CPA, CPS and CPI offers that can match up to any vertical or any traffic source of your choice. From Nutra, to Dating, to Finance; we know which niches are currently trending and which are consistently popular.

Expert Insight

Our expert affiliate managers not only give you inside information on what’s working, they provide excellent support to help you get profitable campaigns up and running. We deliver Nutra offers that are exclusive, varied, and universally enticing with sky high EPCs.

Huge Revenue

EvoLeads Advertisement Platform dating offers are inexhaustible in their ability to convert and our diverse array of Finance sub-verticals (Payday, Insurance, Binary, Loans, etc.) never fail to generate huge revenue for our affiliates.


It is used to host advertisers and publishers’ information, and to facilitate the information flow between the two parties by combining tracking, data and business intelligence in real-time. The technology is algorithm-based to provide insights for the optimization of campaigns, media details and creative enterprises.

Affiliate networks use this type of software to track advertiser and publisher activities, to manage offers and financial information, and to generate analytic reports on data, pre-, during and post-conversion.

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