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Effects of Technology on Human Life

Technology means a method to which a human create for his easiness and comfort. Day by day human is searching latest to latest technology to improve the working of various gadgets. From wake up call to till go to bed in night a human being is surrounded by various gadgets of Technology. Clock, Shower, Lights, Air conditioner, Gas Stove, Toaster, Juicer, Mobile phones, Internet, Computers whatever we are using these days are various gadgets devolped by using of various technology.

A trunk call was devoloped to communicate in earlier years to just communicate from a large gap and see where it is : latest mobile phones, video chat, voice chat etc. etc.

A computer is developed to easy the working such as calculations, writing and other working but where it comes today : Robots, Drown etc.

Though Technology devoloped by human brain, but a human brain get damaged  due to dependency on Technology. As in earlier days a person can calculate figures by own using brain but these days I don’t think a person can calculate without the help of calculators, computers.

As technology is going very good and vast in all fields such as latest medical treatment, teaching skills, machinery, equipments. Technology shrink the world with its approchibilty but it also make a huge distance in humanity.

  1. Students getting all the study matter from internet and lose the interest in book reading.
  2. People are together through social media but society has destroyed at all.
  3. Latest technology in equipments, machinery and labor starving.
  4. Latest Bathtubs, showers, other accessories but farmers are doing suicide due to drought.
  5. Children are entertaining themselves with mobile phone games and playground are alone.

This is technology which is giving us Poison in golden glass.

There is no question that a technology made a life of person easy and comfortable but this comfort and easiness is coming with various side effects on human body. We have miss used the natural resources and now nature is revenging by Global Warming, various human dieases, Shortage of water resources, Drought, infections and these are increasing day by day.

Now these days human being come to know about its disadvantages and side effects on human body but its too late. We want to overcome from all these gadgets dependency but we are so dependent on this technology that we cannot over come from this. The home truth is that a human  has destroyed his life on its own. As human make his life so comfortable by using this technology that it is not easy to over come form this.


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