Earnhoney.com GPT Review: Earn 10% of everything your friend earns for life.

About Earnhoney.com

Earnhoney.com is a GPT Program that claims it pays its members more than any other GPT site out there, at over 50% of their earnings. Earn points by completing various online tasks and exchange them for cash rewards, crypto currency and e-gift certificates.

Earnhoney GPT is a platform where members get paid to complete offers, complete surveys, download apps, watch videos, and play games, and more! The reward platform has been running since 2014 by Bay Bee LLC, an American company headquartered in Stamford, CT.

Although the site has been around for 6 years, it didn’t get much attention, probably because of the unattractive design, low referral commissions, and little publicity.

Basic Information

SomeImportant Details
Platform NameEarnhoney.com GPT
Min Payout5 $
Referral rate10%
Platform CategoryOnline Survey
Payment SolutionAmazon, Gifts, Paypal
Accepted countriesAll
Website UrlHomepage

How To Sign Up & Start Earning From Earnhoney.com GPT

Visit Website

First Step To Visit Earnhoney.com GPT Website. Find Sign Up Or Join Button To Participate In Earnhoney GPT Program.

Sign Up

Once You Visited At Earnhoney GPT Website Click On Sign Up Button To Join company Fill Necessary Details Like – Your Email, Your Name, Password, And All Details Which Are Required By Earnhoney.com. Website.

Confirm Your Email

Earnhoney.com GPT May Be Required To Confirm Your Email. You, Will, Get Confirmation Link Or Code To Your Register Email. Just Open Your Email & Click On Confirmation Link To Verified Your Email. Once Verification Done You Are Ready To Earn

Login To Your Account

Login To Your Earnhoney GPT Account & Find Task, Offers , Start Completing Task Which Provides By And Earn That It

Get Rewarded Faster with the VIP Program

EarnHoney offers standard and VIP redemptions to its members. VIP users can redeem up to their individual weekly limit from their pool of Instant OPTin, which enables them to receive their requested rewards immediately. To increase your available VIP redemption amount, verify your account information, and look out for videos and certain surveys and offers that qualify for Instant OPTin.

Multiple Reward Options

With a low standard rewards redemption threshold of just 50 OPTin in your account, you can request a reward worth $5. Choose from Amazon e-gift cards (available in denominations of $5, $10, and $25), pre-paid debit Visa cards, a cash payment to your PayPal account, or donate your points to charities, including the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, WWF, and more.

VIP redemption amounts (which are received immediately after request), start at either $5 or $10 worth of VIP OPTin, and include rewards such as pre-paid Visa cards, Bitcoin, PayPal, and more.

How to Earn OPTin Coins?

Earnhoney.com GPT opportunities to make money with EarnHoney are divided into the following categories:

  • Watch and earn.
  • Mobile app and connected TV.
  • Give your opinion.
  • Play games and earn.

You can earn even more by referring friends, posting on FB and Tweeter, and participating in the daily login giveaway.

Before I go into detail about each category, it’s important to know that 1 OPTin coin equals $0.1000. So, whenever you want to know the equivalent amount in dollars, you just need to divide the OPTin value by 10.

Play Games

A “play games” tab was available, but when I clicked it, I was unable to do nothing, so at this time, I can’t comment on it.

They will check again in the future to see if they activate it.

Other Ways to Earn

Aside from the typical ways to earn as mentioned above, EarnHoney offers a few other ways to earn such as inserting a “HoneyCode” or inviting friends.


A HoneyCode, like a lot of other GPT websites, simply lets you insert a code you find online and make a certain amount of coins.

Refer a Friend

Almost all GPT sites, including EarnHoney, allows you to refer a friend.

And if they use your special referral link or referral code found beneath your “invite” tab near the top of your screen, then you earn 10% of their earnings for life — not bad!

So whether you blog, have a decent social media following or simply want to spread the word, you can keep track of all your invites via your dashboard.



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