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DollarUpload Advertisement Platform Review : It Is Safe

DollarUpload Advertisement Platform

Website Reputation
Variety Of offers
Payment Speed
Customer Support


DollarUpload gives users the ability to make money from every download by locking your files and links using our sophisticated pay per download network.


About DollarUpload Advertisement Platform

DollarUpload Advertisement Platform has been in the pay per download industry for over 8 years. We provide multiple ways of monetizing content such as offer walls, file lockers, link lockers, mobile app walls, and pay per download products. We have a very large inventory of cpa offers available supporting all countries and devices.

DollarUpload is the best PPD site to monetize your web content with. You get paid money to protect any web content you own. You can lock parts of your website or upload files and links that will be protected. We work with the best performing advertisers in the industry to ensure the highest payouts possible.

Company NameDollarUpload Advertisement Platform
Min Payout$10
Payment FrequencyNet-15, Weekly
Company TypeAdvertisement Network
Commission TypeCPA, PPD
Payment AcceptPayPal, Payza (Alertpay), PayQuicker, SolidTrustPay, Check, ACH (Direct Deposit), Wire, Payoneer
Referral Commission10%
Website UrlClick Here To Visit Company Official Website

DollarUpload gives users the ability to make money from every download by locking your files and links using our sophisticated pay per download network.

Pay Per Download : Get paid money for your downloads using the best pay per download network. Make money with your downloads: Visitors are required to complete a simple survey or offer in order to download your file. You get paid money for any user who downloads your file or gains access to your content.

The pay per download platform is very sophisticated with multiple algorithms in place to ensure you make the most money with your downloads. We have a large selection of various advertisers and high performing cpa offers to lock your files with. The pay per download system is mobile friendly and has support for all devices and over 240 countries worldwide.


The sophisticated CryptoLocker gives you the ability to lock your downloads from every country in the world. Users can pay in various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ether, Monero, Dash, and Dogecoin. Set the rate you want per download and have users pay for your downloads using our advanced cryptocoin locker. You can make money from every user using every device in the world.

Pay Per Download Tools, CPA Offers, CPI Mobile Campaigns, CryptoLocker.

DollarUpload Advertisement Platform wide range of locker tools and monetization options gives publishers the ability to make money from multiple avenues.

PPD + Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Locker

Lock your files, links, content, and software and make money from every download and visitor. Bundle your software with our CryptoLocker and make money from every user.

Detailed Reporting

The stats report in real time with minimal delays and will keep track of your clicks and leads as well as provide valuable user information.

Offer Optimizer

Choose which DollarUpload Advertisement Platform campaigns and cpi mobile offers show in your lockers by using our campaign optimizer.

Offer Wall

The OfferWall gives you the option to make money from your visitors monetizing your website or mobile app by exchanging virtual currency such as tokens or coins.

API & Tracking

The API and Postback tools gives advanced publishers the ability to track their statistics better which can be used to integrate into 3rd party apps and websites.

Quick Support

The team at DollarUpload is always online monitoring the network as well as adding more campaigns and working directly with our advertisers for higher rates.

Earn Points and get free Bitcoin!

DollarUpload Advertisement Platform Earn points for every lead and install generated towards you account. You will earn 1 point for every $1 generated in an invoice and additional points for completing actions to help support DollarUpload. Redeem these points for Bitcoin.

What’s my benefits with Payoneer?

Payoneer is a leading, experienced and reliable payouts solution provider, specializing in affiliates’ payments. Payoneer offers multiple payment options, an advanced innovative platform, full multilingual support and more. 

How Payoneer works?

Login to the Payoneer http://www.payoneer.com/ page and sign up for the Payoneer Debit Card or Local Bank Transfer service. Please make sure you are selecting the method that is right for you. You cannot register for both services.

After Payoneer reviews your application and approves it (usually it takes 2 days), then will send you an email notification and immediately ship your card. Card shipping time varies depending on the country. Please allow up to 28 business days for the card to arrive.

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