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DentalFix Ico Review : Launched by Two International Entrepreneurs

About DentalFix 

DentalFix is becoming the new standard for trust and verification of data. building towards a blockchain network for the global community of companies that take part in continuum of healthcare. Blockchain technology addresses the trade-off between personalized care and operational costs by connecting ecosystem universal infrastructure. Shared infrastructure allows us to create global standards without compromising privacy and security.

Basic Information

Token Name DentalFix
Token Symbol DFBT
Social Media DentalFix ICO Review : The New Standard For Trust And Verification Of DataDentalFix ICO Review : The New Standard For Trust And Verification Of DataDentalFix ICO Review : The New Standard For Trust And Verification Of Data
Platform Waves
Token Price 0.37 USD
Token for sale 100,000,000 DFBT
Country Russia
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage


CHESS-DENT is a startup company launched by two international entrepreneurs Sergey Safronov (on the right) and Alexander Chernyshev in 2015. Historically venture capital has not been accessible to people outside VC community due to significant amount of capital required to enter VC deals, long-term commitment and low liquidity of investments. ICO is democratizing Venture Capital industry by providing an opportunity for everybody to participate in venture deals with minimal entry capital requirements and high liquidity of crypto assets.


Mission of CHESS-DENT is to bring new products to Eastern European and CIS markets. The company specialized in Dental products and services and aiming to adapt them to cultural and business environment for Eastern European market. company introduced its first version of a product – a revolutionary Dental First Aid Kit for home use, travel or emergencies, which relieve tooth pain, hold loose fillings and crowns in place in less than 3 minutes. The day one found it customers: people aged 30 and older with teeth problems.

Debt Revenue Mode

DENTALFIX gains its revenue from the Software as a Service (SaaS) annual contract which bills in tokens purchased from market as well as population health management services (machine learning physician diagnoses support, patient- provider UI care coordination, patient engagement) from the aggregation of data on the platform as well as well as technical support.


Best product

In order to develop best product “in real time” work with professionals Dentists, who act as part-time team members. This approach helps us to integrate best materials and best practices for DentalFx usage at home without assistance professional Dentist. Alexey Borisov is a professional Dentist with 14 years of practice. Working in his family clinic, The found that there are no professional software for Dental clinics on the market, which meets modern standards and Dentist needs.

Blockchain for dental

Dental industry still works by old rules and protocols, which affects all of us as patients, by increased treatment cost. On the other hand, ICO is a new fundraising vehicle available to early stage startups to raise capital from bigger pool of investors that has not been accessible before, attract early followers and create community around the project. group of two startup-companies from Dental industry, merged with one common goal – to create a World’s Biggest Blockchain Company for Dental clinics and the supply chain.

Business model

Company already on the market with revenue from software sales and services for Dental clinics. With new technology, will be able to achieve new highs. Acceleration in development, sales and Eastern Europe focus allows us to achieve up to $2 MM in sales by the end of 2018. Investments in development of new products and services increase company valuation proportionally. This way it is potentially possible to achieve 10X – 25X exit where most VCs just enter the deals.


1. CHESS-DENT issues DentalFix tokens, which will distributed only during the ICO;
2. CHESS-DENT commits to invest assets received during the ICO into existing products, development and acquisition of new products and services;
3. Tokens will traded in a crypto assets stock market; Last update 7/25/2017

4. CHESS-DENT undertakes to utilize all the net profit to buy back the tokens at a market price;
5. CHESS-DENT undertakes to utilize all the assets remained after all the portfolio liquidity events (exits) to buyback tokens at a market price;
6. The tokens buyback should take place during a fixed period after the net profit gained, and should not be more than one month;
7. Tokens with a minimum market price will distributed first.


Alexey Borisov CO-FOUNDER
Sergey Safronov CEO
Polina Fadeeva SALES MANAGER


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