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DDoS-Guard Hosting Review : It Is Good Or Bad Coin Read Our 2021 Review

About DDoS-Guard

DDoS-Guard is one of the leading service providers on the global DDoS protection and content delivery markets since 2011. Unlike most of other companies, the provide services using the own network of scrubbing centers having sufficient channel and computing capacities to process high volumes of traffic. They do not resell other companies’ services claiming them as the own. For the purpose of traffic scrubbing the use only proprietary software working in high-performance computing clusters. DDoS-Guard specialists carry out system development, implementation and maintenance: there are big data and computer-assisted teaching experts, high-load and distributed systems experts, certified network engineers, talented C/C++ developers and web designers among them.

DDoS-Guard Today’s digital world shows us ever-increasing number of cyber threats. Abreast of the latest trends, the number of DDoS attack types is increasing too. Besides, the attacks themselves become more volumetric, complex and varied. Realizing that, they are constantly modifying traffic scrubbing algorithms, increasing channel capacity, add computational resources to traffic processing centers. It allows us not only provide protection against all known DDoS attack types to the customers, but also detect and block any previously unknown anomalous network activity.

DDoS-Guard stable functioning of our customers’ web resources is our priority. That is why we design the traffic processing network based on requirements of maximum system reliability. It gives us an opportunity to provide and guarantee more than 99.5% uptime SLA. Starting the path from providing mass service, the keep making it reliable, convenient and available to the customers. This is the mission that unites DDoS-GUARD team.

Company NameDDoS-Guard
Starting Price$0.01
Money Back30 DAYS
Company TypeWeb Hosting
LocationAmsterdam Moscow
Website UrlClick Here To Visit Company Official Website

Creating an Account with DDoS-Guard Hosting Solutions

  • Visit DDoS-Guard Hosting Official Website
  • Click On Product Which You Want Purchase
  • Once You Selected Your Product Click On Select Button
  • Now You Redirect Domain Page Just Fill Domain Name And Process Next
  • Now DDoS-Guard Hosting Asking Some Account Information Just Fill All Necessary Data
  • Next Complete Your Payment
  • Now You Are Done

Website Protection and Optimization

Their company will provide you round-the-clock support service, as well as:

  • Protection against all known DDoS attacks at levels according to the OSI model: L3, L4, L7.
  • The invisibility of your IP address and web server location for intruders.
  • Secure connection by changing the resource’s DNS records.
  • Blocking dangerous traffic and monitoring for suspicious activity.
  • Faster loading of your website for visitors gratitude to CDN content optimization and caching.


DDoS-Guard provide protection against DDoS attacks of any complexity and power for all the customers, regardless of their service plan. In order to do that, the use the proprietary infrastructure with scrubbing centers located in different parts of the world: the Netherlands, Russia, USA, Kazakhstan, Peru and Hong Kong. The proximity of the scrubbing deployments to the traffic source minimizes network latencies for end users. In addition, we work systematically on upgrading our web filters in order to improve the quality of services provided. Youcan transfer your web resource to the secure server or your website – to our protected hosting. Apart from that, you can use our remote protection solutions

TCP 3-way Handshake

DDoS-Guard To establish a connection, TCP uses a three-way handshake


The process of increasing the volume of traffic


DDoS-Guard A zombie (also known as a bot) is a computer that a remote attacker has accessed and set up to forward transmissions (including spam and viruses) to other computers on the Internet

Web Server

A web server is an information technology that processes requests via HTTP, the basic network protocol used to distribute information on the World Wide Web

Web Service

A Web service is a service offered by an electronic device to another electronic device, communicating with each other via the World wide web


DDoS-Guard A domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the Internet

Internet bot

An Internet bot, also known as web robot, WWW robot or simply bot, is a software application that runs automated tasks (scripts) over the Internet

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