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Cpamatica Advertisement Review : It Is Safe ?

About Cpamatica Advertisement

Cpamatica has strong expertise in Dating niche, that has been gained through an exclusive many-years partnership with the biggest dating agencies. This means we provide our partners with unique and more beneficial conditions to grow their own way. Cpamatica brings you to more than 800 offers Cpamatica was founded in 2015 by Evgeniy Prima. Ever since he was still in high school he was already making money as an affiliate marketer.

They knew how hard it was to make it in affiliate marketing. This was one of the reasons why he wanted to create a new and creative way to help affiliate marketers connect with advertisers. Sure, ad networks were already around since then but he wanted to make something different. He had the vision where affiliates can select which offers they wanted to sell. 

KeyPoints Of AdsMain Affiliate Program

Affiliate BasicDetails
Product NameAdsMain Affiliate Program
Referral Commission2%
Commission TypeCPA , CPL , CPS
Minimum Payment$50
Payment FrequencyWeekly
Official Affiliate WebsiteClick Here To Visit Official Website

Cpamate Club

Aside from the earnings you get from commissions as an affiliate Cpamatica also has this gig they call CPAMATE CLUB where in you can get additional points for successful referrals. For every $10 that you earn, you get 1 point credited into your account. The more points you get, the better the freebies also get. 

Prizes range from cool gadgets and gizmos for everyday use up to the extent of lazy boy motorcycles and a car. According to a source from their side. Cpamatica has implemented this additional rewards system to their system to help motivate the affiliates even further and boost their esteem. Come on, who wouldn’t be motivated by additional free stuff right? 

Cpamatica Review for Publishers

Now that you have gotten a quick summary about the background of CPAmatica, let us now go even deeper and tackle every other aspect that might make you want to consider signing up for them as an AdsMain Affiliate Program affiliate partner. We will be reviewing them and at the same time discuss the pros and cons of being a partner of CPAmatica. So, let us now proceed and dive through the rest of the review.

What liked most about CPAmatica

  • Cpamate Club
  • Top converting offers
  • Custom offers
  • Newbie friendly
  • Premium support
  • Personal account manager

What liked least about Cpamatica

  • High minimum payouts
  • Varied terms and conditions for each offer
  • Banned keywords list which you can’t use

Publisher Requirments

Cpamatica is NOT strict when it comes to affiliate requirements. Upon signing-up you will be asked very basic questions about your current status and how your blog or website is doing. After that you will be asked to contact your assigned account manager to officially go and activate your account to begin earning. They do not have a minimum revenue per month nor a minimum page views per month. 

On-boarding and Sign-up Rating: 5 out of 5

Signing-up for Cpamatica is probably one of the easiest and seamless steps AdsMain Affiliate Program have ever encountered. All you will need to do is answer very basic and fundamental questions about your website’s or blog’s performance. They are not that strict when it comes to requirements. All they require you to do is to abide with their terms and conditions. However, we are not guaranteeing that all of the sign-ups will get approved. Quick disclaimer, Cpamatica may or may not approve your website.

First things first, you will need to go to registration page and enter the designated email address and password you would like to use for creating your account with them. After which you will be asked some really simple questions on about yourself, your company and how they can contact you. Just some fundamental legitimacy checks.

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