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Conversant Media Advertisement Platform Review: It Is Safe?

Conversant Media Affiliate Program Review

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Conversant Media deliver the best possible experience, they and partners use technologies such as cookies to store and/or access information on a device. These technologies may collect personal data such as IP address and browsing behavior to provide personalized ads and content


About Conversant Media

Conversant Media deliver the best possible experience, they and partners use technologies such as cookies to store and/or access information on a device. These technologies may collect personal data such as IP address and browsing behavior to provide personalized ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights, and product development. Precise geolocation and information about device characteristics that can be used.

Click below to consent to the use of these technologies and the processing on this site and on other sites where Conversant and our partners operate. Some companies may process personal data on the basis of legitimate interest. Alternately, you can review your preferences and make more granular choices, including exercising your right to object to processing based on legitimate interest. You can change your mind at any time by visiting privacy policy.

Conversant MediaOverview
Company NameConversant Media
Minimum Payout25 €
Payment Modewire transfer
Company TypeAdvertisement Network
LanguageEnglish, french, german, Suédois
Accepted countriesAll
Email[email protected]
Payment withinInstant
Website UrlClick Here To Visit Company Official Website

For Consumers

The websites you visit work with online advertising companies like Conversant to provide you with advertising that is as relevant and useful as possible. Some of the online ads you are served may be based on the content of the webpage you’re visiting; others may be based on registration or other information you provide to us and our partners, and other ads may be customized based on predictions about your interests generated from your visits to other websites. The goal of AdChoices is to provide you with information about how online advertising works and the choices you have.

Why Interest-Based Advertising Benefits Consumers:

Interest-Based Advertising Keeps the Internet Free: More relevant ads improve revenues for websites, especially small businesses, which provide more and diverse content to consumers for free.

Relevant Ads Are Good For You: With interest-based advertising, you see ads that are more relevant and useful to you, such as a sale from your favorite retailer, or discounts on airline tickets for a vacation.

Why Conversant Media?

CLICKS AS KPIS aren’t good enough anymore.

You have a right to see your customers clearly, as individuals, across all their devices and channels. And you should expect a digital marketing solution that recognizes, respects and rewards your customers like never before.

IT’S NO TIME for amateurs.

There’s too much at stake to work with partners that can’t deliver on their tech promises or offer the kind of deep data expertise that drives real results. We’ve served the needs of progressive marketers for decades, earning a reputation for simplifying complex challenges and delivering human-powered, data-led media with better business outcomes.


Conversant Media power true omnichannel for all by transforming customer experiences into truly human experiences. With leading-edge data science, dynamic personalization and privacy by design, our clients own every interaction.

OMNICHANNEL that’s omnipresent.

  • Find an average 80% of your customers online, compared to other providers’ average of 20%.
  • Recognize your customers online and maintain the chain of custody with industry-leading identity technology.
  • Reach 200+ million real people today, and have a high-definition view of them across 7,000+ profile attributes.
  • Connect across your customers’ devices with 96% accuracy, and stay connected with 80% of them—even up to two years.
  • Achieve a 10X average incremental return on ad spend, with visibility into all the sales you drive, online and offline.


We’ve known your customers for years. It starts with our 200 million anonymized consumer profiles. Every time we learn something new about someone—across 7,000+ dimensions, including offline purchases—we add it to their profile in real-time. Then, with dynamic, highly personalized media, we’ll deliver the messages they’ll care about, across all their devices—with incremental results you can see for yourself. We’ll help you understand what your customers want to buybefore they know it themselves.


Conversant produce the most compelling digital creative in the industry. Using the power of Conversant’s consumer profiles, every message and image is optimized in milliseconds just before it reaches an individual. That’s the power of automation and creativity. As your customers take action, their profiles are updated in real time and your personalized connections with them continue.

How advertising & messaging with CORE works

Connect with customers for a lifetime

CORE identifies all your customers from among 200+ million privacy-protected consumer IDs. You’ll discover 60–80% of them online, versus the industry average of 30–50%. You’ll match them to all their (average 6) devices and browsers with industry-leading 96% accuracy, to create ongoing, meaningful connections wherever they go. And your connections will last, even when they delete their cookies and upgrade their devices. After two years, you’ll still connect with 80% of them.

Continuously learn about them

CORE continuously attaches petabytes of person-level data to the right CORE ID, based on a deep, real-time understanding of your customers across 7,000+ attributes and decades of actions. Your customers’ profiles update based on what they buy (online and offline), where they go, what media they consume, their actions in loyalty programs, and cross-channel marketing data such as the emails and catalogs they receive.

Create real-time connections that matter

While your competitors make advertising decisions using data that may be months old, CORE’s self-learning machines update 1+ billion times every 5 minutes, as millions of people take action across channels. CORE knows in milliseconds exactly what digital message to send to each customer, when to say it and on which device, channel and format that will get them to take notice. It all happens while meeting our high standards for ad quality, across brand safety, viewability and fraud prevention.

Measure the power of your performance

With Conversant Media , you’ll be confident you’re spending every advertising dollar efficiently. You’ll achieve full, closed-loop visibility into your campaign’s power, with an accurate view of your return on ad spend (ROAS) across channels—online and offline. With person-level insights, you’ll continuously learn from each customer’s actions and optimize every next message to them.

Conversant Media Hosting Detail

Given URL:https://www.conversantmedia.com/
Hosting:AS25751 Conversant, Inc.
Registrar:MarkMonitor Inc.
Server IP:
Creation Date2008-06-18 10:07:22
Expiration Date2021-06-18 10:07:22
Updation Date2020-05-17 09:21:35

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