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Clickadu Advertisement Platform Review : It Is Safe ?

About Clickadu Advertisement Platform

Clickadu Advertisement Platform is the #1 advertising network for web & mobile channels with excellent expertise in revenue maximization for publishers and advertisers! Before you start running your campaigns on our platform, you need to make sure that offers, products or services that you are planning to promote on our network meet Policy Regulations. A list of forbidden elements is presented below. According to our general Advertising & Quality Guidelines, it is prohibited for an Advertiser working with Clickadu to promote products or services that fall in the following categories (this also applies to contents of your landing pages and all redirects, as well as creatives).

Some Important Basic Information

Company NameClickadu Advertisement Platform
Min Payout$10 – $1000
Payment FrequencyNet-15
Company TypeAdvertisement Network
Commission TypeCPM
Payment MethodPaxum, Bitcoin, Wire, Credit Card, WebMoney, ePayments
Minimum Deposit$50
Ad FormatPush, Popunder, Video, Banner, SKIM, Instant Text Message
Cost ModelCPM, CPC, CPA, CPL, SmartCPA, SmartCPM, RTB
Website UrlClick Here To Visit Company Official Website

How to Start?

It will take you a few minutes to launch a campaign:

  1. Sign up as an advertiser
  2. Create your first campaign
  3. Add funds by any convenient method
  4. Get results!

Advertising Formats

Instant Text Message

“Mobile Dialog Ad” is a native mobile dialog window. A mobile Clickadu Advertisement Platform device user receives a message when touches the screen. It is Google-friendly and compatible with all mobile devices.

What is Instant Text Message ad format?

It’s a native mobile dialog advertising window, that emulates the operating system shell.
Advertising format provides the opportunity to monetize mobile traffic and offers good conversion numbers.

How Does it Work?

A user comes to any publisher’s site. A mobile dialog appears in a couple of seconds after the page loads, a user receives a push-up message.
Mobile dialog window has two call-to-action buttons. If the user Clickadu Advertisement Platform clicks on ‘Cancel’, he stays on the web site. If the user clicks on ‘OK’ a new tab appears with an advertising landing page.

Instant Text Message Advantages:

An instant text message ad is developed exclusively for mobiles allows you to engage a mobile audience without disturbing them.
Mobile pushup window has a common, native look with two interaction buttons so we the users can choose whether they are interested in such a content or not.

  • Native look
  • High delivery and conversion rate
  • New opportunities for promotional ideas
  • Compatibility with all mobile devices
  • Available on pricing models: CPM, CPC, and SmartCPA
  • Google-friendly advertising format

2500+Active Publishers

  • High eCPMs on 240+ countries
  • Minimum payment hold
  • Detailed statistics for your site
  • 100% fill rate

Tracking & Optimization

  • Subid Bid Override
    Not all sources of traffic behave the same. Bid override gives you accurate control for each source separately.
  • Subid Blacklisting
    Manually or automatically blacklist subids that are not converting as well as others. Our optimization engine is designed to get you only the traffic that converts for your campaign, per campaign.
  • Automatic Optimization
    Set your campaign goals and ROI thresholds, sit back and relax. Our automatic optimization algorithms are now in control, sampling, adjusting and making sure that bring your campaigns to positive cash flow.

Advantages Have Never Stop

User-friendly self‑serve platform

A toolkit to ensure statistics transparency and campaign automation.

Fast Campaign Moderation

You’re a coffee break away from launching a campaign to getting traffic

Fraud and Bot filters

Machine Learning-based Clickadu Advertisement Platform algorithm to filter poor quality

Multiple Payment Methods

More than five solutions to cash out or top up your balance

Designed to Deliver, Made for You!

100% Coverage

We guarantee full coverage for desktop & mobile worldwide with real-time optimization models that deliver long-term and constant revenues.

Revenue Optimization

Programmatic and robust ad optimization technology, powered by AI and designed to maximize your revenues for both mobile and desktop.


Easily monetize your traffic by sending it to our direct link with no hassle. Our smartlinks are CPC-based and support all geos and all devices.

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