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BTCPOP Affiliates Program Review: 0.25%-0.5% Commission on aLL Referred repaid loans

About BTCPOP Affiliates Program

The BTCPOP Affiliates Program is designed to reward users for referring friends & family:
• Earn 0.5% Commission on ALL referred repaid loans UNDER ฿5.0
• Earn 0.25% Commission on ALL referred repaid loans OVER ฿5.0

Btcpop offers a wide variety of P2P investment options to grow your Bitcoin such as: P2P Loans, Shares, Bonds, Instants Pool Account (Risk-free interest bearing wallet), Altcoin Exchange, Staking Altcoins, & Note Market.

BTCPOP offers a unique P2P Banking experience with Instant Loans, Investment Pools, Collateral Tied Loans & More. They are constantly improving and developing services.

Affiliate BasicDetails
Product NameBTCPOP Affiliates Program
Commission Rate$30 – $50 CPA payout
Payment FrequencyMonthly
Minimum Payment$50
Payment Method Check, ACH (Direct Deposit), Payoneer
Official Affiliate WebsiteClick Here To Visit Official Website

Sign Up

First Step To Sign Up At The BTCPOP Affiliates Necassary Data Like , Your Name , Date Of Birth & All Required Data By. Once Fill Everything Correctly Just Click On Submit BTCPOP Affiliates. It Is Over Now

Wait For Approval

Once Your Submit Application For BTCPOP Affiliates id pages . If Your Profile Eligible For Their Affiliate Program Than You Get Another Approval Email Once You Approved By Team .

Once You Approved By Polarbackup

Now It Is Time To Login Your BTCPOP Affiliates my Email Marketing , Blog , Social Media Etc . Once Any Sale Made By Your Refer Link You Get Fixed % From BTCPOP Affiliates.

How do get a loan?

Taking out a loan with BTCPOP is super easy. Just follow these six simple steps:

  1. Register a BTCPOP account
  2. Get verified
  3. Visit Loans > Apply
  4. Select your loan type
  5. Complete the form
  6. SUBMIT!

Bitcoin Accepted

Bitcoin (BTC) is a decentralised, digital currency. It exists only online and is an easy way to send and receive money instantaneously. As bitcoin is decentralised, no one owns it – so there are no hidden fees to pay. All bitcoin transactions are recorded on a public ledger. Each transaction has a unique code, so your identity is kept private but your transaction is not.

There are only 21 million bitcoin in the world, so the price of bitcoin varies on a daily basis. Researching further into the currency will keep you updated about the value of your bitcoin and the best time to invest, making sure you get the most BTC for your money.

Reputation Based Lending

BTCPOP Affiliates Program peer to peer lending is based on reputation, not credit score. Quickly get loans from other members or make some money by loaning money you have. You set the terms. You set the amount.

Fund Your Business

Have the next great idea, but cannot get funding from banks or private equity groups? Let the BTCpop community fund your next business. Want to start investing in startups? They always have great startups launching IPOs eager for your investment.

Move Your Money Into Another Currency

Exchange Bitcoin to Litecoin to Dogecoin and back to Bitcoin. BTCPOP Affiliates Program offer an easy to use service to swap various cryptocurrencies within the community.

Proof-of Stake

Many newer altcoins are moving to proof of stake verification. Put your coin in a larger pool to capture a smaller piece of a much bigger pie.

Why Choose BTCPOP Affiliates Program

Secure & Reliable

Unlike other companies they don’t rely on 3rd party services. Your coins are stored in offline storage with only a small portion available via our hot wallets.


BTCPOP Affiliates Program Trade ALTcoins via exchange. Trade Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Blackcoin (BLK), and more today.


Get P2P loans without having to deal with banks, funds, or loan sharks.


ALTCoin: The collective term used for other crypto-currencies, such as Litecoin

Blockchain: A public ledger of all the bitcoin transactions that have ever been made

Cold wallet: An offline wallet which is not connected to the internet

Faucet: BTCPOP Affiliates Program website that offer free bitcoin for completing a simple task, such as clicking on an advert

Hot wallet: An internet connected wallet

IPO: Initial Public Offering

Mining: A way of generating new bitcoins

P2P: Peer-to-peer

Satoshi: The smallest subdivision of a bitcoin (0.00000001BTC)

Transaction fee: A small fee imposed when making a bitcoin transaction

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