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Blue Track Media Advertisement Platform Review : It Is Safe

Blue Track Media Platform Advertisement Platform

Website Reputation
Variety Of offers
Payment Speed
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CPALance pay affiliate in MAXIMUM rates comparatively others CPA network according we promised. One other hand, we believe advertisers satisfaction is our gain.


About Blue Track Media Advertisement Platform

Blue Track Media Advertisement Platform is a global marketing platform that specializes in mobile customer acquisition. With our performance and programmatic technology, they help many top brands from the App Store and Google Play Store monetize their traffic and gain a positive return on their ad spend. Blue Track Media gives the maximum superior cell-first CONTENT LOCKING TECHNOLOGY. They delivered on the neatest builders primarily based totally withinside the United States from Fortune a hundred businesses to construct the maximum superior cell first content material locker.

With the very best EPCs and great series of cell apps and net campaigns globally, your sales with Blue Track will develop plenty better than with another ad-community. Just ask round, you will pay attention not anything however brilliant evaluations approximately us! Blue Track Media has been round for the reason that 2009 and paid out over $50 million in sales to publishers. We’re a cell non-incent and incent ad-community that knows that our publishers are the spine of Blue Track Media.

Blue Track Media Advertisement fee the publishers and understand what they need, how they need it, and once they need it. If it is a devoted aid group that publishers need, they were given it. If it is specific campaigns that publishers need, they were given it. If it is excessive payouts that publishers need, they were given it. They were given what you need, easy as that. They will paintings with our publishers to make sure that they may be surpassing the dreams that they’ve set.

Company NameBlue Track Media Advertisement Platform
Min Payout$50
Payment FrequencyNet-30, Net-20, Net-15, Bi-Weekly, Weekly
Company TypeAdvertisement Network
Commission TypeCPA, CPL, CPS, Content Locking/Gateway
Payment AcceptCheck, PayPal, Wire, ACH
Referral Commission2%
Email Support[email protected]
Website UrlClick Here To Visit Company Official Website

Wait Come Again

Basically they deliver high quality mobile traffic to advertisers looking for new customers. Advertisers only pay when we deliver, capisce?

  1. 1B Monthly Clicks
  2. CPI
  3. CPC
  4. 180+ Countries
  5. 1M+ Monthly Conversions

What We Monitoring

Attribution Time

Blue Track Media Advertisement Platform Short or long periods of time in which a click converts to an install.

Conversion Rates

High ratios of clicks-to-installs and installs-to-opens by a traffic source.

App-Specific Events

When exactly a source completes certain levels of information in an app.

Ad Stacking

Blue Track Media a traffic source places multiple ads on top of each other but only the top ad is visible.

Targeting Mismatches

Geography, platforms & OS versions.

Click Spamming

When a traffic source generates fake clicks programmatically when an ad is rendered.

Proxies & VPNs

Blue Track Media Advertisement Platform When a user bypasses filtering and targeting systems.

Cloud Providers & Server Farms

Cloud computing providers and server farms allow users to drive fake clicks and installs.

IP & Device Fingerprinting

Allows the to track click usages over time identifying the ones driving large volumes.

Click Referrers

Blue Track Media monitor the HTTP addresses of all our clicks identifying any forbidden keywords.

Brand Safety

When the system flags forbidden keywords the link instantly renders inactive and our team is immediately notified.

24/7 Fraud motoring

So seriously that they invested the time and resources into building a proprietary fraud monitoring platform designed specifically for the mobile performance industry. Blue Track Media Advertisement Platform monitor fraud 24/7 and alert you on a weekly basis when we sniff out any traffic that may seem suspicious.


We’re one of the first performance platforms that’s leading the transparency push in the industry. We have built internal tools to blacklist any words, phrases, apps, websites, etc. to keep in line with brand safety measures.

KPI Optimization

Blue Track Media Advertisement Platform proprietary technology enables us to make real time optimizations towards your KPI goals. The KPI data that attribution platforms pass back feed into the internal system which then is computed to show both positive and negative trends from traffic sources. They then scale the positive sources that are exceeding KPIs while pausing sources that are failing to meet them. This is all while they add new, vetted sources to the mix to ensure scalability without sacrificing performance.

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