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Bitmedia.io Advertisement Platform Review: It Is Safe

About Bitmedia.io

Bitmedia.io is a decentralized advertising platform designed to simplify purchasing and selling online ads. We supply blockchain businesses with the most relevant crypto audience. Their mission is to transform the advertising market by reducing the level of monopolization and making it more transparent and easily accessible for all players instead.

Company NameBitmedia.io
Min Payout0.001 BTC
Payment MethodBitcoin
Company TypeAdvertisement Network
Cost ModelCPM, CPC
Payment AcceptWire, PayPal, Payoneer
Top GEOWorldWide
Top VerticalCrypto
Website UrlClick Here To Visit Company Official Website

High Performing ad formats

Display ads

Place banners of all possible sizes within our publisher network, expand your customer base and increase profits.

Video ads

Advertise your business by means of video and let your audience get to know your project at its best

Rich media

Adaptable smart banners are always here for you to make your ads more attractive and give you more interaction with your audience

Solutions for advertiser

Reach millions of crypto savvy visitors by placing ads within our handpicked publisher network

High-end publisher placements

get the most of control on where your ads are displayed. Add the sources that perform best for you.

Flexible pricing models

CPC or CPM, whatever! We want your budget to work efficiently whatever the purpose of your ad campaign is.

Customized targeting

Particular crypto audience of any kind, and many other targeting settings, will make your ads reach the right customer.

Tools for publishers

Improve your revenues by using bitmedia network as well as our custom ad inventory

Hundreds of advertisers

20 000 ad campaigns served and counting. If serve ads from platform, we will always find the best performing solution for you.

Earnings management

With Bitmedia we leave it up to you to decide how much you want to make from serving ads.

Custom publisher tools to meet your needs

Have your own advertisers but need a good solution for service and statistics? BitMedia’s ad inventory has all of these.

Bitcoin Advertising Done Right!

Looking for the best way to advertise your cryptocurrency business and reach new audience? In need of a one-stop solution to bitcoin advertising? This is where BitMedia.io can help! The leading crypto advertising platform that on a daily basis helps hundreds of businesses grow by providing cost-efficient, yet effective coin ad solutions. You are 1 minute away from opening your cryptocurrency project to the world!

Display ads

Promote your crypto project, service or business and engage with the new audience via striking display ads. Reach out to specific user base or simply broadcast to the world.

Responsive HTML5 ads

Drive a greater level of user engagement and attention with rich media crypto advertising, whilst we deliver it to your prospective user base and bring it to you.

Start growing your audience now!

It is only a moment that separates your amazing crypto business from the audience and traffic it deserves! Why make them wait?

Meet the most profitable ad network for publishers

Bitmedia ad network is a transparent and secure way to monetize web traffic. We always find the right ad content for you to publish and guarantee instant payouts, whilst our industry leading toolkit aids quick and tailored setup and onboarding process.

Why choose Bitmedia’s bitcoin advertising for publishers?

Range topping traffic revenue

Increase your earnings as a publisher of bitcoin ads and get access to the highest paying commissions on the market.

Instant payments

Peace of mind attitude to your remuneration. Withdraw at any moment, to any bitcoin address.

Start publishing crypto ads in two clicks

Our streamlined banner integration tools allow you to start monetizing your web traffic within minutes after registration on Bitmedia platform.

Ad formats that suit all needs

Bitmedia’s convenient ad formats not only compliment the look of your website, but are also designed to convert well, maximising your income streams.

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