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AwardSpace Hosting Review : Reviews and Expert Opinion

About AwardSpace

AwardSpace We’ve started in the year 2003. Although back then there were free services, none of them was anything like what AwardSpace was and still is. No one was offering a truly free hosting service, that gives you – the customer – the freedom to create whatever, and whenever you might wish to. Since the 2003 is trying to achieve one thing, and one thing only. To give everyone the opportunity to create a website, and to be online. believe that everyone has the right to get their voice heard, and their opinion taken into account. Everyone’s idea deserves the fair estimation of people all around the world. And if your website gets the attention you are hoping for, more power to you.

AwardSpace A brand new website was launched. Yet, AwardSpace still stands behind its core values.  They are striving to be a reliable partner to you the customers. We’ve introduced purposeful services like WordPress Hosting, and of course the complimentary WordPress tutorials. Their aim to preserve the image of a reliable partner in the long term.  Thus, thye are still making effort in being better, and support you audience – in making your way to success!

AwardSpace In all the efforts in the past 10 years we’ve been committed to encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit in people, both in the employees and their clients. While the free hosting helped over one million people around the world to start their online presence with no investment, as of today they are aware, free hosting plan was somewhat limiting for people who wanted to play around and experiment before committing to a premium service. In an effort to remove that obstacle, increased the disk space with 400% and the allowed file size with 700%, so everyone can create a functioning website, for free.

Company NameAwardSpace
Starting Price$4.69
Money Back30 DAYS
Company TypeWeb Hosting
Website UrlClick Here To Visit Company Official Website

Creating an Account with AwardSpace

  • Visit AwardSpace Official Website
  • Click On Product Which You Want Purchase
  • Once You Selected Your Product Click On Select Button
  • Now You Redirect Domain Page Just Fill Domain Name And Process Next
  • Now AwardSpace Asking Some Account Information Just Fill All Necessary Data
  • Next Complete Your Payment
  • Now You Are Done

Control Panel New Version

AwardSpace All Hosting services are now managed by a new version of the Control Panel. The new release aims to simplify the user interface, add functionality and create a better user experience. The main changes in this new version are mainly in the new Domain Manager section, which combines the old Domain Manager section + all the features from the Domain Control Panel and the old Subdomain Manager section. A Dashboard is introduced where you can drag and drop your most often used sections of the panel. The new version has entirely new skin and 3 color themes: red, blue and grey.

Semi-Dedicated Hosting Launch

Offering services ranging from free hosting to a VPS Server they felt that there is a missing link between shared premium hosting plans and Virtual Servers. While the first is suitable for sites with low to middle volumes of traffic and modest overall load, VPSs are quite sophisticated and sometimes just too expensive to some customers. This inspired the team to create a middle-range service, they called Semi-Dedicated Hosting. By its nature it is like shared hosting but with much less clients per server which offers better RAM, CPU and MySQL database performance and allows more customization than shared hosting while avoiding the complexity of a VPS.

VPS Hosting Launch

AwardSpace Virtual Private Servers, also called VPS Hosting are available on Awardspace since 2009. their VPSs are powered by the XEN virtualization technology – each server has its own OS and ability to be rebooted and customized according to the preferences of every specific client. Their VPSs are equipped with proprietary shared hosting Control Panel making the process of managing a server very user friendly.

Where Ideas Turn Into Websites

We’ve tried to figure out what is it that stops people from creating their own websites. Was it a lack of ideas? Or maybe “creating a website” sounds like a lot of work? Probably it was the fact that a lot of people still believe that they need coding skills to do it. Or was it the price? AwardSpace decided to look for the answer at the only place where such could be valid, and truthful. asked you customers. The people to whom owe everything they re. You told us that the biggest obstacle was the lack of knowledge. heard you.

AwardSpace Now, AwardSpace, on top of the other Hosting Services, has WordPress Tutorials and WordPress Hosting Solution. Also, we have a rich knowledge base, that will answer the questions to anyone curious enough to look for them. For everyone else, we have a magnificent technical support team, ready to remove any obstacle between you, and your website’s success.

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