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An Overview of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is mix of coding and linking solutions that allow for certain websites to rank higher than others when specific keyword phrases are queried. SEO can start on or off page depending on the long-term goals of the campaign.

On-page SEO consists of elements directly related to the architecture and content on the website, things like the platform, code design, page titles, header tags, internal link structure, are just a handful of examples. Where as, Off-page SEO is the identification, targeting, and development of related content and link networks,  building keyword authority around your target keyword set.

Organic search is a great leg of a long-term strategy for traffic, but in many cases proper, and large-scale organic search engine optimization can take time to build and maintain steady traffic.An effective short-term traffic solution is search engine marketing or pay-pal clik advertising (also know as SEM and PPC) where by you create ads and bid on how much you are willing to pay per click.

A search engine is a software that runs to collect information from world wide web.There are many Search engines but the most used and popular search engines are Google, Yahoo, Bing. The search engines collects all the information present in world wide web and displays the resulted information in an order, this page is referred as “Search Engine Results Page.The collected results will be displayed according to word’s priority and then the ranking of the websites.

Every search engine follows an algorithm to serve their best to the users. In earlier days there were no algorithms to collect the information. Any site which had more number of words that matched with the user’s search word would be displayed first and like wise other sites in descending order would be displayed depending on the count. But later on the spammers, bots, virus and other attacks have increased due to which the search engines couldn’t result the appropriate sites related to the user’s search. In order to avoid all these Search Engines started making complex algorithms and give the users best and quality results using  Search Engine Algorithms.

Search Engine Optimization is a process of making your website visible on search engine results page. This is a kind of online marketing technique. The main aim of SEO is obtaining a better rank for the website by which the website will be resulting in the first results page.To improve website’s ranking there are many methods and techniques to improve ranking. At the same time there are some rules and guidelines for optimization.

SEO is necessary if you are owning an e-commerce website as it is available only through online. You will need more customers for your business to get into next level, and obviously you need a better ranking for your website for search engine to show up your website in the results first page organically. Organic results are those results which are genuine and have better quality and reputation unlike paid marketing.

SEO has methods for all types of businesses small or big, even methods for low and high budgets. But SEO is as an ongoing process, once you get a better ranking it doesn’t mean you should stop SEO process, it should be continued as ranking may cahnge any time as out there many competitors would be trying their best.

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