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AffiliaXe Media Advertisement Platform Review : It Is Safe?

AffiliaXe Media Advertisement Platform

Website Reputation

Variety Of offers
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affiliaXe.com is an exclusive network for Super Affiliates. affiliaXe was created by a group of highly experienced super Affiliates in order to benefit the network members with their vast knowledge & experience in online marketing and their connections with key players in the industry. This group picks the…


About AffiliaXe Media Advertisement Platform

AffiliaXe Media Advertisement Platform has one of the largest selection of top offers out there. Whether you promote on mobile, desktop, or both, we are sure to have the right offer for your geo, vertical, and traffic.. Yet, while we offer quantity, we above all deliver quality. Quality specifically in our guidance, support, and management of our diverse publishers. No matter if you are a Media Buyer, Blogger, Mailer, the like, our approach is always personal​, professional ​and unique per affiliate.

Coupled with our specialized approach, we also provide advanced monetization tools such as XML-Product Feeds and Cross Device Retargeting. You will quickly notice that quality is the essential essence of who we are as a network.

Company NameAffiliaXe Media Advertisement Platform
Min Payout$50
Payment FrequencyNet-15, Bi-Weekly, Weekly
Company TypeAdvertisement Network
Commission TypeCPA, CPL, Revshare
Payment MethodCheck, PayPal, Payoneer, Wire, WebMoney, Bitcoin
Referral Commission4% for the first 6 months
Website UrlClick Here To Visit Company Official Website

Advanced Monetization Tools


We’ve set our standards high for you and keep them there. We provide our advertisers devoted representatives with vast experience and authority to monitor and maximize your campaigns.

In addition, AffiliaXe Media Advertisement Platform multiple anti-fraud systems and rigorous, multi-tiered screening process ensure that your brand is protected and that your campaigns receive the highest quality of traffic from experienced affiliates and publishers; website and app owners, bloggers, mailers, reviews & comparison sites, media buyers,

search marketing specialists, thought leaders and social media publishers, etc. strong cooperation and standing with high caliber publishers from all over the globe, further contribute to our top-notch standing.

Why Best ?

AffiliaXe.com is a top tier, cross-platform CPA Marketing Network founded by highly experienced online marketers. Not only do we have a boundless knowledge and passion for all aspects of online marketing, we also possess a comprehensive understanding of the variety of advertisers and publishers needs.

The truly know the ins and outs of performance marketing. affiliaXe.com strives to provide a great variety of offers, competitive payouts, ​and excellent customer service both for publishers and advertisers. With AffiliaXe Media Advertisement Platform headquarters located in the dynamic, high-tech city of Tel-Aviv, Israel, affiliaXe has continued to reinforce its strength and caliber in the online marketing realm, fortify its global influence, and set exceptional industry standards.

​The satisfaction, progression, and success of each partnership initiated is of the utmost importance to us. By delivering great bottom line results for advertisers, adhering to the highest standards of quality, ​and​ fundamentally boosting publishers’ earnings, affiliaXe has undoubtedly become a major key player.​

Affiliate Marketing” and Why is it so Valuable in the online marketing world?

Although it was conceived of a little more than a decade ago, affiliate marketing today has already mushroomed into a multibillion-dollar worldwide industry.

Affiliate marketing is based on the completion of an action (conversion), whether it be a lead, sale, download, app install, subscription, pin-submit etc. Fundamentally, a merchant or advertiser agrees to pay another party (the affiliate) for every completion of the desired action. Typically, the more the difficult it is for an affiliate to get a user to complete a specific action, the higher an affiliate should predict to be paid for prompting that action.

However, it is crucial for the advertiser to specify how and what makes the end user’s actions qualify for affiliate payment. This is why the quality of leads/traffic is so important to both affiliates (you) and advertisers. If AffiliaXe Media Advertisement Platform an affiliate sends low quality traffic to a specific advertiser’s offer, the advertiser could potentially pause that affiliate from running that offer.

This is often due to the fact that low quality conversions/actions do not benefit the advertiser’s return on investment (ROI). In most cases, quality is key when it comes to affiliate marketing. So even though your main focus is on collecting as many conversions/actions as you can, you must also equally prioritize the quality of your traffic in order to guarantee your success and longevity within our network.

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