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AAX Affiliate Program Review: Buy and Sell Crypto With Confidence

About AAX Affiliate Program

AAX Affiliate Program was founded in early 2018 and after more than 18 months of research and development, the exchange was officially launched in November 2019. From the outset, the goal has been to build a digital asset exchange that would appeal to a vibrant retail trading community, but that would also stand up to regulatory scrutiny and appease institutional participants in finance.

To build a world-class exchange, suitable for both retail and institutional investors, we brought together professionals from the crypto world, creative arts, and from more corporate settings such as HSBC, IBM and JPMorgan.

AAX is a cryptocurrency exchange that lets users buy and trade cryptocurrencies.  The trading platform has a wide variety of products such as future trading, spot trading, OTC trading and more. The cryptocurrency exchange also has their own token called AAX Token (AAB). AAX is the world’s first crypto exchange powered by LSEG Technology’s world-renowned matching engine, giving you a chance to trade crypto at the speed of light.

KeyPoints Of AAX Affiliate

Affiliate BasicDetails
Product NameAAX Affiliate Program
Commission 20-40% Commission + 2 Tier
Affiliate CategoryCryptocurrency
Launch Year2018
Email Support[email protected]
Official Affiliate WebsiteClick Here To Visit Official Website

How To Join AAX Affiliate Program And Earn Free Passive Income

Sign Up

First Step To Sign Up At AAX Affiliate Program . It Is Very Easy To Join Amocrm Affiliate Program . Just Fill Necassary Data Like , Your Name , Date Of Birth & All Required Data By Amocrm . Once Fill Everything Correctly Just Click On Submit Button .It Is Over Now

Wait For Approval

Once Your Submit Application For AAX Affiliate Program .Your Application Sent To Affiliate Team Of Amocrm. If Your Profile Eligible For Their Affiliate Program Than You Get Another Approval Email Once You Approved By Team .

Once You Approved By Clickmeter

Now It Is Time To Login Your AAX Affiliate Account . And Start Promoting Amocrm Program To Your Friends By Email Marketing , Blog , Social Media Etc . Once Any Sale Made By Your Refer Link You Get Fixed % From Amocrm.

AAX Affiliate Program Info

AAX’s affiliate program offers  20-40% commissions trading fees + 2 tier 10% commissions. Affiliates can refer new people, earn commission, and also offer new users a 10% discount on trading fees for the first 3 months.

  • 20-40% Commission on Trading Fees Forever
  • 10% 2 Tier Commissions on Trading Fees Forever
  • Can Use Referral Code, Referral Link, or Referral QR Code
  • Daily Bitcoin (BTC) Payouts
  • Referrals Get 10% Off Trading Fees for 3 Months

AAX offers a full suite of products and services

Bitcoin and Ethereum Futures

Up to 100x leverage, deep liquidity, tight spread & API access.

Spot Trading

50+ crypto-to-crypto pairs, easy deposits and withdrawals, market surveillance.

Buy & Sell Crypto

AAX Affiliate Program Support for 20+ fiat currencies, P2P with secure escrow, quick settlement.

Crypto Savings

High-yield savings products, interest accrued per minute, no lockup

Why Choose AAX Affiliate Program

Top Performance for Fast Trading

Using LSEG Technology, AAX is able to match orders with ultra-low latency for the ultimate trading experience.

High Security for Your Assets

AAX Affiliate Program is CCSS-compliant ensuring the safety of funds and client data.

Deep Liquidity & Tight Spread

Trade futures with leverage with maximum efficiency and minimal slippage.

24/7 Service

99.999% uptime and 24/7 customer service available.

Easy to Use

AAX Affiliate Program wide range of order systems and trading tools for risk management are at your disposal.

Trade Anywhere

AAX is available on website, mobile app, API and FIX.

System security

AAX is invested in complying with the Cryptocurrency Security Standard (CCSS), a universally recognized standard for securing cryptocurrency systems. It consists of a comprehensive list of security measures for any system that stores, transacts, or accepts cryptocurrencies.

Account security

All accounts on AAX require Two-Factor Authentication to operate. In addition to a username and password, users will need to enter a temporarily valid, one-time code, which adds an extra layer of security to their account. While there is a risk that a single factor such as a password may be compromised, requiring a second factor can effectively mitigate risk.

Transaction security

AAX Affiliate Program has built a proprietary multi-currency wallet system. This system complies with industry standards, is multi-signature and offers no single point of failure. There is no dependency on a single source of security and robust recovery protocols are in place. Additionally, AAX has Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) in place to protect end-user private keys used to co-sign transactions.

Storage security

The majority of digital assets on AAX are held in secure offline storage facilities, leveraging industry-standard encryption technologies across multiple tiers. Sensitive data that normally resides on company servers is disconnected entirely from the Internet. Upon request, AAX is also able to offer insured crypto custody within fully regulated entities.

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