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50 Internet Business Ideas – Tips & Tricks

From the article on the evaluation of prospects for an online project, you know that ideas are harder to implement than to generate. Do not agree with this? Want to continue to justify inaction with a lack of a good idea? Will not work. Below are all the currently available ideas for an online business. Well, almost everything. Read, choose, do.

  1. A simple idea: open an online store . What to trade? Anything: baby clothes, hand-made, expensive cosmetics. Try to sell what you like and what you understand.

  2. Insurance broker online. Briefly about the point: the client visits the site, calculates the cost of the policy, transfers money to you. You send the contract to him by mail or transfer via courier.

  3. Forex provider. The global currency market operates online. Why not become part of it?

  4. Trust management and PAMM accounts. If you successfully trade in Forex, offer people to manage their investments for a fraction of the profits.

  5. Content project. What to publish? Here the field is not plowed: even the seals roll .

  6. Blogging This is one of the details of the content project. Write or shoot a video about what interests you and your audience. As does Mikhail Shakin , for example.

  7. Software development and applications .

  8. Web service “Conversation with an expert or a celebrity.” Invite an expert and sell a personal conversation on Skype on the auction system.

  9. Affiliate Marketing . Sell ​​someone else’s products for a commission.

  10. Info products: create and sell courses, webinars, white paper , e-books, etc.

  11. Freelance. The main thing is to choose a specialization to your liking.

  12. Free dating service online. Do not be tempted to overstep the law.

  13. E-library. There are only a few Liters and Bookmate for the entire runet.

  14. Online Coaching Teach people to lose weight, save money, trade on the Forex market, meet girls, play guitar, shave with razors.

  15. Social network. Just do not say that you should not fight with Facebook and Vkontakte. Start with a specialized social service. Here you have the ReadRate and LiveLib for inspiration.

  16. Hosting provider. Yeah, you have to buy expensive equipment and elbows to get a place in the market.

  17. Service purchase tickets and tours online.

  18. Online radio. Offer the audience a quality information flow.

  19. Photobank. Sell ​​photos.

  20. Online casino or tote. Learn how to properly register this business so as not to break the law.

  21. Divination, prediction, magic online. For every product, there is a merchant.

  22. Games. This particular creation of software and applications can and should be highlighted.

  23. Cybersquatting Invest in domain registration and resale.

  24. Service joint purchases. Try working locally: in your city or region.

  25. Online flea market. Try to win the competition through specialization.

  26. Aggregator of discounts. This is a competitive market, but it’s worth a try.

  27. T-shirt prints. This business can be run remotely.

  28. Handmade. Take orders for manufacturing products online. What to do? Tableware, dolls, furniture, decorations, shaving bowls, musical instruments. Anything in one word.

  29. Psychological help online. If someone turns to fortunetellers, then there will be clients for psychologists too.

  30. Subject catalog. Develop the idea of ​​the yellow pages, create a virtual directory of enterprises and institutions.

  31. Bulletin board. Has already? And you do better. Or look for your blue ocean for the rest of your life.

  32. Trade on eBay and Amazon. What to sell? One example: Europeans buy 5 blades “Mostochlegmash” for 1.1 euros. How much do they cost in the nearest store? That’s right, 3 euros per 100 pieces. See where the gearshift is? Who needs Moscow blades? Hmm, Americans consider them almost the best in the world. If you decide to trade, read the article about Amazon.

  33. Online form library. Create and maintain an up-to-date resource from which you can download application forms to any authority: from the passport office to tax. Find a way to monetize traffic.

  34. Legal assistance online. Help the audience create packages of documents for business registration, registration at the place of residence, etc.

  35. Marketing agency. Why not.

  36. Network marketing online. Become a distributor of magic pills and wonder cosmetics. Sell ​​this stuff through your own website.

  37. Agency online research. Conduct polls, study statistics, sell reports.

  38. Time Bank online. Most importantly, find a way to monetize this project.

  39. Survival School. Start preparing people for the zombie apocalypse today.

  40. Dropshipping Just does not confuse with drilling. Dropshippers are intermediaries that organize the delivery of goods to consumers. In the context of the Internet business, you may be interested in the activity of favorable delivery of goods from foreign online stores.

  41. Soap and handmade cosmetics. What does the Internet have to do with it? And you will sell products online.

  42. Homemade pastry. It will work only in the local market.

  43. Individual tailoring. Be sure to publish on the website guide “How to take measurements yourself.”

  44. Charity. Unfortunately, in our world, it is also a business. Fundraisers of charitable foundations worldwide receive a share of the funds raised.

  45. Employment Counseling. You will not believe, but many applicants, even in the Internet era, do not know how to make a resume.

  46. Usury. No, you do not need a banking license. Thanks to online money, you can lend to anyone in the status of a private person.

  47. Remote technical support. Do you know how many users do not know how to configure the router?

  48. Internet cafe. Yes, Wi-Fi coverage is almost everywhere. And you focus on the cafe.

  49. Virtual currency exchange. Change wmz to wmr and back at a favorable rate.

  50. Antique shop online. Buy, restore and sell old items.

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