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4 Resources For Finding Freelance Work

What kind of writing work?

First, you need to determine the type of work you want.

If you are a blogger, there are a lot of blogs and ghost blogs working there (that is, blogs don’t credit your name).

However, you may be ready to come out of that box a brand ambassador, writing product descriptions, or copy.

Where can I find a freelance writing job?

In 2019, I found my first blog assignment after applying for some of the sites listed below for a few months.

I didn’t have any paid experience before, but I did have a long-term blog as a record in the niche, SEO and web design.

Remember to apply for any of these boards in the same way as you would any other job: write a valid cover letter, focus on potential customers, upload professional resumes, and submit tailored writing samples.

1.Free writing performance

This business day is updated every working day.

It is categorized according to the “content writing work”, “blog work” and other parts, allowing you to view the writing work, which is not a strict blog, but in the field of translation or educational materials.

You can also subscribe and send jobs to your inbox. The blog also provides a lot of advice on landing work.

Also – please note FreelanceWritingGigs.com features a useful list of 100 + sites pays you to write, check it out.

 Visit FreelanceWritingGigs.com

2.Media Bistro

The committee is primarily used for local work in the media, so if you live in a major city or near the area they cover, you will need to check these worklists regularly.

They also have freelance and remote jobs from time to time, although many of them are full-time jobs in all areas of the media. This is a convenient place to search by location. The site also provides the latest news on the media and a range of paid training options.

 Visit the MediaBistro.com Recruitment Committee

3.All independent writers

This site is comprehensive and lists the paid/professional levels before you click on the content, making this a new favorite. It also includes the writer’s print job and opportunity market.

 Visit all independent writers

4. Problogger Working Committee

Brought to you by a trusted person from ProBlogger, this committee mainly lists blog work, which is why it is the first source I went to. In addition, many of the ads here are very comprehensive about telling you exactly what you need to experience and pay for the parameters. Blog online jobs and job opportunities offered by the company distract job opportunities. Provide a lot of blog suggestions on the main site.

 Visit the Problogger Recruitment Committee

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