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3 Ways To Make Money In Free Time

You do not have to go anywhere to earn money, you can earn money by sitting at home and doing some simple work. These works can also be done in their free time. For this you must have internet and its basic knowledge. Online earning is a great way to increase your earnings. We are giving you the information about 3 of these popular methods, which can be done by earning big money at home. For this, some websites on the internet provide you with both time and full time work.
Let's know who are those ways ...

1. Earn money by becoming a writer

If you love writing, many sites give money to write online books by paying money. You can also publish your book online by becoming a writer. Instead, it can earn its royalties. One of these sites is Amazon Kindle. The website features a direct publishing name named Cornelius. By registering yourself here, you can put the contents of the book on Kindle Bookstore. After publishing the book, you get 70 percent royalty on sale.

2. Tyup from Websites

Websites containing photo stock can also be your online earning tool. Worldwide www.shutterstock.com, www.shutterpoint.com, and www. Many websites such as istockphoto.com purchase and pay the photo. By typing from these companies, you can earn on a Monthly Basis. Companies also give you assignments as a project. Members have to subscribe to the photo website. After this, you get 15 to 85 percent royalty as per the site’s policy. It is possible to earn millions of rupees.

3. E-Tutor

Even today, the tuition business is doing well through the Internet. E-Tutors are also one of the most popular ways of earning online. From all the institutes to online websites, it also has a paid e-tutor for people of different subjects. Major websites such as www.tutorvista.com and www.2tion.net have been offering this facility in India for some time now. Users can register themselves on similar sites and earn a lot by reading for a few hours.

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